Friday, December 29, 2006

Holidays, Snow & Brian

I had had such a wonderful time being able to go home for Christmas. Valerie and I had a great time catching up since we haven't seen each other in so long! It was wonderful to be back in the FB at my parent's house, and spending time with Phil, Trina & Bridgeport. Christmas day is always a little unique now since Lyndsey can't come home any more. So, Trina had a great idea to make cookies with everyone's name on it and send a picture to Lyndsey with her stocking! That was really sweet. Philip and Trina also brought along their dog, Bridgeport. This is the only time I believe my father has ever allowed a dog in our house... this is a big deal. So, Philip, you can never say again that dad doesn't like you! :) You know you have to have a special place in his heart if he lets you bring the dog inside.

After opening presents at our house in Farmers Branch. Philip invited Trina to come along since her family lives in California. He also invited to friend, Craig, who didn't have plans to do anything else for the holidays.

My big gifts were a Sonicare toothbrush from Brian and a full set of luggage from my parents. Valerie got a bunch of books to help her succeed now that she is a college graduate and Philip got a bunch of Dickie's pants... aparently his favorite!! Lyndsey received her packages from Big D just in time to enjoy Christmas day with her roommates. You can read all about that on her blog.

After present opening, going through stockings and enjoying a fancy breakfast together, we all headed out to Burleson where we had Christmas afternoon and watched the Cowboys game (awful) at my cousin's house. Since all of my cousin's are married now and everyone has young kids it is easier for us to go to them then how they used to come to us.
My cousin Craig is a police officer and took Valerie and I out to shoot one of his hand guns. We had so much fun!!! Veeves and I have both shot a bunch of different long-barrelled guns through out our days having family that hunts, Girl Scouts, and/or Indian Princess'. I don't remember where all of the experienes came from... I just know they happened. Either way... here are our best shots!!

Here is also a cute couple of pictures of my trip... I know there are a bunch more but these are the only ones' that I have.

This is a picture mom took of Dad and I on Christmas morning. The this one is of Catherine, Valerie and Philip on Christmas day in Burleson. We just aren't the same without Lyndsey's cute face sandwiched in there!!!

And lastly, here is a super cute picture of some of my most wonderful college girlfriends!! We were all able to get together for breakfast right before I had to head back to Tucson!! I love these girls so much and miss each and every one of their faces!!!
Top: Cameron Slack, Chez Parker Dishman, Melanie Knox, Elizabeth Robinson
Bottom: Catherine Goode, Carisse Brown

So, on to the snow. The last couple of days have been beautiful. The mornings have been chilly and we I leave at 4:55 am to be at work by 5 am (Starbucks) my windshield has been frosted over. The afternoons have been warming up quite nicely though. With all of this weather we have had snow on the mountains and other parts of Arizona so it is a pretty view though nothing has fallen in the city of Tuson.

Brian is finally back after being in Las Vegas and Mexico for the Christmas holiday. It was so good to see him again and get to start hanging out!
Last night, (New Years Eve) we went over to one of Brian's co-workers house. There were about 12 people there hanging out. We played Scene IT (Brian and I won!!!!!), chatted, laughed, and watched the ball drop at midnight!!

It has been a great break but tomorrow begins the hustle and bustle of grown-up life!

Happy 2007!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I never doubted that cool people come from R. L. Turner High...

However, after Robby VanWinkle, aka Vanilla Ice, came and went from Turner you just never could be quite sure.

And then there was Socheata... one of Lyndsey's dearest friends from Turner, whom I knew through passing...

She has been working on a documentary and the last thing I really heard about it was when HBO & Showtime (?) picked up her idea of a documentary of her family's history... here is the rest of the story:

Lyndsey Goode's blog

International Documentary Festival Amsterdam - IDFA
New Year Baby Wins the Amnesty International MOVIES THAT MATTER AWARD.

There is good news. By a unanimous jury decision, New Year Baby is awarded the Amnesty International - Movies That Matter Human Rights Award. The award is the highest human rights honor the film can win. The jury also named New Year Baby a "tour de force" with "universal appeal."
Over 200 films are selected for the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) each year from across the world. Only 5 awards are presented to feature length films and only the Movies that Matter competition includes films from every competition.
In addition, New Year Baby is also a top ten audience favorite of the 172 audience rated films. Screenings sold out solid and festival goers waited for empty seats even after screenings were full. IDFA then scheduled an additional screening due to audience response. New Year Baby now has festival invitations around the world. New Year Baby will also be theatrically screened in the Netherlands to share the film across the country. Even greater, Amnesty International has expressed interest in supporting to bring the film to Cambodia.
The future is bright. Please celebrate as we do. So many worked very hard toward this.

IDFA Movies That Matter Jury Report-"New Year Baby (is) a deeply tender and poignant film about a Cambodian-American's journey with her family to uncover the secrets of a tragic past at the hands of the Khmer Rouge... It was a tour de force for anyone, and particularly for a young, first-time filmmaker...We also agreed unanimously to award New Year Baby with the Movies that Matter prize. We are confident that the universal appeal of the film will give an international audience emotional access into the impact of the genocide, and may help pave the way for the potentially forthcoming tribunal in Cambodia..."-IDFA 2006 Movies That Matter Jury

Way to go girl!!!