Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My college roommate, Lindsey McCrary, got married this past Friday in Austin, Texas. A bunch of the college gang was able to come into town (or they already lived in town) to play!

I left Tucson on Wednesday morning to make it to Austin via Dallas by 5 pm so I could help begin the celebration with the bachelorette party! Of course that just happened to be the day that weather wanted to blow through the south. We left Tucson on time flying through 80 degree clear skies! Once we got into the metroplex we got to circle over the city and surrounding areas for an hour until the weather had calmed. DFW airport had to shut down completely during that time so no flights were going in or coming out. Once we landed I found that my flight to Austin has been canceled. I scrambled to get on the next flights stand by list but the earliest seat I could be guaranteed was not until 8:30 that night...the bachelorette party was starting at 6:30 pm. Luckily, I was able to get a seat on the early flight! YEAH!!

Well, during this time the weather that had blown through Dallas was over Austin causing high winds and golf ball size hail. Once we were on the plane we taxied to the take off stripe. Then we got to sit on the side lines for about an hour until the weather cleared over Austin.

Wonderful Chez Dishman was able to get me from the airport and then go to Moonshine for dinner and Pete's Piano Bar on 6th street for singing and catching up! Lindsey got to go sit on the piano while they sang a song to her...it was dirty and inappropriate and that is just how those piano guys are.

On Thursday we went to Oasis Day Spa for mani's and pedi's which was just much fun!! We went to the rehearsal at the Lady Bird Wildflower Center. The weather had been yucky all morning so there were a bunch of puddles and we were all nervous for the weather on Friday since the reception was suppose to be outdoors. After the rehearsal we went to a delicious Italian restaurant in Lakeway for the rehearsal dinner.

Melanie Knox Larson, Katrina Kincaid, Aubrey Eyer, Lindsey McCrary (almost Stokes!!!), Catherine Wick, Elizabeth Robinson

**I have to go to work now...I'll continue with Friday through Sunday soon**

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm on my way to Austin!!

This morning Brian and I were making breakfast. He looked out the window and saw a bird attacking a lizard. After the bird was doing his thing Brian went outside to check things out.

The lizard seems fine. So we will see...

Lindsey's wedding is on Friday! I am heading out in just a couple of minutes to the airport. There will be lots of updates to come!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I should be jogging

I am still trying to figure out my work schedule and how to be most effective. The evenings are the best time to be on the phone calling potential students who have asked for more information which means that I normally have the mornings to take care of errands, things around the house, etc. Most mornings I try to go to the gym with Brian or go for a jog around the house. This morning...not interested. I think we all have one of those days where we know we should be no way Jose. My plan instead is to go to the grocery store and to Crate and Barrel to return a chipped glass I purchased on Saturday. Isn't that exciting and healthy!

Brian actually wore green today. I was pretty impressed because he is normally an 'against the grain' type of man. I guess he knew I would be pinching him all day if he didn't.

Mom, Phil and Veeves are still having a blast in NYC with with Lyndz. I got a phone call from Lyndsey letting me know that she and Val were enjoying a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity...SOOO JEALOUS! I can't wait to see all of the pictures!!

That's all I've got for now!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank you Veeves

Hey thanks for forgetting about me...but then making such a quick turn around! The blog looks great! You are so the bomb! YEAH!!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Face lift

I keep glancing at my blog hoping that it has received a face lift. I don't know what Veeves has been doing...she doesn't have anything else going on in her life besides helping me out...right?? I thought that she completed everything while I was still in Dallas. Obviously I am wrong!

I wished I had a lot of exciting updates. Work is going very well for both me and Brian. We are both working hard but are enjoying what we are doing. Brian has been continuing to grow his business (Real Estate for those of you who didn't know) which has been such a blessing with the economy and living in Tucson which was hit pretty hard with this recession stuff.

Having weekends off has also been an answer to prayer. Being able to have social time on Friday evening and sleeping in until I wake up on Saturday morning is wonderful. This past Saturday Michelle, Mary and I hosted a Scholarship Workshop at Apollo College. We had 39 people (22 senior high school students) attend to learn more about scholarship opportunities, applying for scholarships and also had an opportnity to learn more about Apollo College and what we have to offer as a medical technicial college.

Oh...I do have so exciting news. I am planning on starting my MBA through DeVry University in April!! I have not finished applying so nothing is set in stone as of yet...but I am planning on completing all of that this week!!

YEAH!! Happy Monday to you.