Friday, February 22, 2008

My hair

I finally said goodbye to a little more than 4 inches of my hair today. It was getting too long and heavy... and I was just tired of dealing with it! After talking with mom this afternoon I decided to go and see if I could walk into a salon and make something happen! I was lucky and found an opening at Regis in the Tucson Mall! Alejandra, the girl that did the cut was super sweet and liked to talk... a lot! :)

Here's what she did...

I'm really happy! I like it. It isn't very short (a little short for me)! And I like it a lot! Good job girl!

More news on the Wedding front

Sometimes I wished I were more excited. The engagement was really exciting...not at all how I imagined it...but still super exciting. Since the planning has begun there hasn't been much to get me going. I find myself telling most people, "I really don't care. Do whatever you think looks best." I have some wonderful friends doing all my flowers..."I really don't care. Do whatever you think looks best." The girls and their bridesmaid dresses..."I really don't care. Do whatever you think looks best. Just as long as it is Wine, Dept 20 and in Satin!" The music..."I really don't care. Do whatever you think is best." Brian with the tuxs..."I really don't care. Do whatever you think looks best." Whether the dad's and Ronnie have to wear tuxs...I let the mom's fight that one out...Why? You might ask..."I really don't care. Do whatever you think looks best."

So...on it goes! :)
I went to Office Max the other day and was so excited to see that they had boxes of 'do it yourself' invitations on sale...and then 20% off on top of that! Man, I was excited and I couldn't get a hold of ANYONE to share in my joy! Brian, mom, sisters, girlfriends...ANSWER YOUR PHONE WHEN I CALL PLEASE! :)

Other than that, Brian and I are just trying as hard as possible to stay within budget. Let me tell you friend... that is stinkin' hard to do with a small budget for a Saturday event. I'm SO thankful for all the people that are wanting and willing to help out where they can! That means so much to me!!!

Thank you!
Love ya'!

Oh...PS: I have decided I have two favorite things!! Starbucks doubleshot Light. This is their 6.5oz can of cold goodness! Also, Fiber One cereral. I knew I loved that stuff but MAN, I really LOVE that stuff!! It's delicious. I just bought to other types to try them out and their SO delic!!!!!!!! Lyndsey... you should try these. Keep the original for cooking but these are yummy for breakfast cereals...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

After six years...

KO JO KAI WON SING SONG!!!!!!!!! Congratulations girls! I wished I could have been there with everyone to cheer you on!!!

Here's the Abilene Reporter News article!!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

NYC Extravaganza part 2

Saturday part 2:
I don't remember if I talked about Magnolia and the Natural History Museum. Both were fabulous and super fun times with Lyndsey, Kathy (the roomie) and Veeves!
Both Lyndsey and Veeves blogs do a fabulous job of adding to what I have already said!!

Lyndsey had her first experience with a Zip Car. We drove to New Jersey for the Mavs/Nets game! The Mavs played one of the worst games ever but it was still tons of fun to go to and I was still so surprised how many people were there in Mavs Gear!!!
The walk to the apartment was FREEEEEZING and super windy! We ordered pizza and just relaxed the rest of the night knowing that we are heading to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Monday morning!!

A little history lesson!
Oh my word it was cold and windy! The ferry ride to Ellis Island and the Statue was freezing!! Valerie did a funny on the ferry ride over...I won't go into detail due to embarrassment but I am sure you can ask her and she can fill you in on the details! :)

Here are a bunch of pictures!

This is my favorite picture of Valerie...I think we should send it to Earl! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Goode Girl Extravaganza

Flew to Dallas super early in the morning...Brian had to pick me up at 4:30 AM (normal time for me...but not so much for him)!
Met up with Veeves in terminal C and made our way to the NYC!
We met up with Lyndsey at the airport. Did the massive hugging, squealing, smiling thing and then grabbed a taxi to her apartment!
After the unloaded and had a snack we went to WICKED!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this one moment for 3 years.

The show was AMAAAAAZZZING!!! It was all I thought it was going to be and more! Now I can't wait for it to come through Tucson or for me to go back to NYC!
After the show, Lyndsey's fried Meredith(?) set us up to meet with one of the stage managers for Wicked to take us back stage and show us around! How cool!!

This is a picture of Veeves, Lyndz and I on stage with the theatre in the background! As we were touching the props and looking around the actors will slowly filtering out to go home for the evening. We were saying hi, smiling and watching them leave from up close and personal! At the end of our play time on stage we left out of the same door all the actors do...a bunch of people were waiting eagerly for autographs and was sort of funny when we walked out! :)
What a great first night in NY!

Thursday after the show and tour Lyndsey had to head off to work. Veeves and I took our time getting home, crashed for the evening and then made our way back out to the world on Friday! We walked all around the city. We stopped at Buttercup and got a yummy cupcake, split a sandwich at Starbucks (God bless discounts nation-wide!), say crazy people all over the place, played in Central Park, were amazed at all the stinky mulch around the park to make it pretty, went to Macy's, walked through Times Square just for the heck of it...and I'm sure so much more.
Toward the end of our evening Valerie and I stopped at Social, an irish pub close to where we were going to meet Lyndsey, for dinner and to relax or feet for a while. We ended up just staying and hanging out until we needed to meet Lyndsey for Mary Poppins!
Again, another great show. It wasn't as fabulous as Wicked but it definitely was enjoyable. And for all of you ACU-ers out was Sing Song MADNESS!!! Lyndsey turned around from the box she was sitting in and we both mouthed at the same time "SING SONG!!!!!"! It was hysterical and so enjoyable all at the same time! I would love to learn that cherography!

Slept in! On Friday and Saturday mornings Lyndsey was getting home as we were getting up! It was pretty cool and overcast but nothing too awful. Kathy, Veeves, Lyndz and I made a day of shopping at MAC and around SoHo, getting a cupcake at Magnolia bakery...

...and eatting at Ruby Foo's that night! Michael Miller (from the ACU days) works there! He did a fabulous job and we enjoyed some super yummy sushi!

Veeves and I tried to go to Manhattan Church of Christ but after getting on the wrong train and 40 minutes after figuring out where we was a little too late for that. We were both bummed and really were looking forward to going back to the c of c and seeing if anyone we knew was there. We walked around 59th (Lincoln Square or Columbus Circle...I'm having a hard time remembering), got some coffee for me and tea for her and with the cold weather coming in we decided to head back to the apartment. We spent the rest of the day relaxing until we had to go pick up the Zip Car and head to New Jersey for the MAVS game!!
Lyndsey bought Valerie MAVS tickets for her Christmas present and included me in the deal! :) So, needless to say, I can add New Jersey to my list of states that I have been to and the MAVS will go down in the history for playing the worst game Valerie, Lyndsey or I have ever watched! I was so amazed at how many Mavs fans were actually at the game too! It was a bummer for the game but fun to see another part of NY & NJ that I had never seen before. PS: Lyndsey lives super close the the border of NY & NJ so did didn't take long at all to get there!

This is Lyndsey with her silver Jetta Zip Car!

The Nets stadium and the Giants stadium share a parking lot! It was pretty neat to be able to be right where the Super Bowl champs play!

So here is the deal for now... I am tired and want to get ready for bed so I will continue on Monday and Tuesdays excursions tomorrow. For now... enjoy! :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm going to NYC!!

I'm sorry I don't have any cute pictures of new hair-dos like Veeves but I apparently and not allowed to cut my hair because I'm getting married or something... :)

Anywho... Val and I are heading to NYC on Thursday to go play with Lyndsey!!!! I can't wait. I have been waiting to leave for the past week!!

On Thursday night we are going to see WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this for two years now!!!
Then Mary Poppins on Friday and Mavs on Sunday (I think!!!!)!

I'm pumped! I'm sure there will be tons of pictures when we get back!

Veeves...I updated... happy now? :)