Friday, March 30, 2012

Closing the book on this blog

Hi friends!  This blog is dated and the format will not allow me to update anything so I have created a new blog.  Please go here to check it out! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fig Pinwheels

As I mentioned yesterday...I love pinterest (because of Chez!). I now frequent that website more than facebook or my email. :) I. Am. A. FAN!! I have actually made several recipes that I find either from Everyday Paleo or online. Everyday Paleo has a 30 day meal plan that actually gives you grocery shopping lists. Its amazing!
Sundays tend to be my baking (happy place) day. Yesterday I made crock pot pork chops, fig pinwheels and Fruit N' Nut bars. All homemade. All Paleo.
I found the Pinwheels on Pinterest by Primal Palate. To find the recipe online, go here. I feel like I am more adventurous now than ever before and continue to find yummy recipes that Brian actually likes too. The Pinwheels actually turned out super yummy but not at all pretty. They taste like fig newtons with no sugar!
As you can see... they are not the most attractive cookies ever made... but they are moist, sweet and yummy. I have a sweet tooth so I needed to find recipes that could still 'fulfill my needs'. I let the dough stay in the freezer for one hour (the recipe recommended for 20 to 30 minutes) but it would not really harden. The dough rolled just fine with the fig spread but when I cut it they smashed done.
Try them. They're good. Yummy. And no sugar!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Looking into living Paleo

So... a little over a month ago I was in Austin with some of my favorite people ever. A couple of my friends that I hadn't seen in a long while looked absolutely amazing. Because I can be tacky and speak my mind I had to have thorough understandings of how they were making this happen successfully. I have struggled over the last 5(ish) years of weight yo-yo-ing. They both are living "Paleo" and were doing Crossfit. My interest was peaked after talking with them. I started going some online research to learn more about it (the Paleo... not so much the Crossfit). One of my coworkers in Phoenix was also doing Paleo along with his family and had lost a good amount of weight. He recommended that I check out Everyday Paleo and start from there.

I've lost 8 pounds within the first month. I think this is from cutting out the breads and cheese. I decided to restart the blog to try to hold myself more accountable to this. I also figured I could add the recipes that I try along the way since I have found some really yummy foods that I never thought I would like.

One of my bestest friends ever, Chez, introduced me to Pinterest while I was in Austin and I am a FAN! I have found a lot of great Paleo recipes on it and I am thankful to have a place to 'store' all of my online recipes I find. I found this recipe online and thought I would give them a try. They are not near this pretty but they taste deli!!

Morale of the story, I will do my best to update this blog more than every two years with recipes and what's going on with the Goode-Wicks of Tucson.