Friday, September 22, 2006

Life at the FLC

Work is going very well. I am staying quite busy learning the ins and outs of a new job. In reality, all I really do is edit at this point in time of my life. I am editing all day at work and then I go home and edit away on a video I'm working on.

Brian and I are doing well! Since we work right next to each other I get to see him a fair amount. This morning, he picked me up and we went to Starbucks before work! That was fun! And we are going to work out together afterward!

I don't know of any exciting plans this weekend. I am working at Starubucks tomorrow morning. I will then probably go home and edit the rest of the day... maybe a little bit of laundry at Brian's house...

I miss you and I can't wait to be home in just a few short weeks!!!!!! I miss TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


So, I'm really hoping for a big win this evening so I can talk a lot of "smack" tomorrow at work! Since most everyone in the nation seems to hate the Cowboys... I feel like those of us not in TX need to represent as much as we can!

I have been busy learning away at work and enjoying getting to develop relationships there. I went to lunch on Friday with a sweet woman named Kim. She has only been with FLC since March... so we enjoy being a couple of the newbies together!

I have been working on the Come before Winter video all weekend and am hoping to be done by Tuesday. I was originally thinking it would be done today (Sunday) but I had some hard drive troubles kick in last night so I had to go out today and buy an external hard drive. Now, I am having to wait the hours that it takes to move info from the computer's hard drive to the external one... I'm now done to "about 3 hours" as it says on the little screen.

Not much else too exciting is happening. My focus has been starting new job, getting situated at apartment, finish video's... so that is exactly what I have been doing!

My parents sent me a package last week. It is apparently in one of the lockers outside of the office at my apartment complex. A key chain was left in my mail box some time this past week (I didn't know what it was from) but it had no key on it. So... apparently, the package I have been waiting for has been sitting in a locker for a week now, toasting in the sun, and I can't get to it because I, nor the apartment management, have a key.

I was told today by management they will ask the mail person tomorrow and leave me a message letting me know what to do.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Update

I am in my new apartment!! I am so excited to be here and all moved in... thanks to the wonderful Goode parents!!! Mom and Dad made great timing on Thursday after spending the night in Abilene and enjoying a lovely breakfast with Veeves! As soon as they arrived we started unloading all that we could and by the time we got to the super heavy things Brian and Adam had arrived!! Thursday evening was spent over sweat, organization, smiles and lots of pizza! Brian and Adam left after some heavy lifting and M, D, & I stayed to organize things before the big day of unpacking on Friday!

I did have to work at Starbucks on Friday morning from 4:30 am until 10 but mom and dad came in for some free coffee (tea for dad) and an apple fritter to share... you know we Goode's don't mess around when it comes to sugar! After I got off work we unpacked and organized all day long! Brian, Adam, Mom, Dad and I went to a nice Mexican restaurant for dinner and then off to bed!

Saturday was fun road trip to IKEA!!! The 5 of us loaded into the 'burb and made our way out to Phoenix!
Dad driving the over-loaded 'burb... something he has mastered, cross-country, over the years!
Adam, Catherine & Brian in front of the full-stocked 'burb! Most of that stuff is Brian and Adam's... I just want you to know!
Here it is! You know that my dad is a master packer!

After we returned, Dad spent the evening putting together my new kitchen table and new entertainment center and mom and I went to run more errands!

On Sunday after church at Palo Verde c of c, we all went to the top of Mt. Lemmon! After last weekends festivities at the peak of Pikes Peak in Colorado... Brian and I tried to give mom and dad the same sort of experience... just not as cold!
Brian and I at church.... that's mom's bible at the bottom right of the picture!

We had a nice drive (thank you Brian for driving)
(this is not him driving on Sunday... but you get the idea...)

Views from the road...
At the top...

Mom and Dad left early morning on Monday after I went to work at Starbucks for the holiday.
They had a quick trip back and were able to stop and see Valerie on the way back home as well!
I am so thankful to have had all of their help and support through this whole endeavor.

The new job is going well and the new apartment is going great! It is still not complete but it is coming together. All of the problems I have had thus far with the apartment have been all fixed!! I finally have a garbage disposal working... who would have ever thought that could excite someone so much!
My new bed is FABULOUS!! I love it though I don't think I have as much difficulty leaving the bed each morning as Veeves does! Everyone needs to come visit me now!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...without sounding too desperate! :)
Here are a couple of pictures I took at work today! They are views from different windows in our building!

This is my office door!
This is my office!
The view from my window... that's right... a motel! Man life is wonderful!!! :)

...but at least I already have a plant... it's fake... go figure...

I miss you! Life is good, thank you Lord for always continuing to provide and teach me in ways I could never imagine!