Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh my word!

My parents will be here in approximately 24 hours!!!! I am stinkin' extactic! I can not wait to see them and hug them! And, I am looking very forward to having my things, including my so-called fabulous Tempur-pedic bed that, according to Veeves, I will never want to get out of! I purchased the bed in January and it has been in storage since it was delivered almost 9 months ago. I hope that it is okay! I feel confident that it will be glorious!

The hope is that mom and dad will arrive safely on Thursday evening and we can start unpacking my things with the help of Brian and Adam (his roommate). That way, I can have a couple of big strong men helping instead of just one big strong man (my dad) and myself and mom... that could be rough! :)

Friday will be continued unpacking and organization all day, I would imagine.
Saturday might be a fun road trip to IKEA in Tempe/Phoenix (about 2 hours north of Tucson) and Sunday should be a day of fun driving up to Mount Lemmon... and a whole heck of a lot cooler.

Those are the plans... we'll see how they work out! Pray for my parents; that they will have a safe trip with no problems coming their way! I am so appreciative, as all of my siblings would agree, of how much they continue to sacrifice for each of their children no matter how old are (apparently) 'adult-ish' we are suppose to be!

I love those guys... and if you know them... I'm sure you do to!
Thanks JB & VICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gaining a few but loving what I do....

So, Starbucks is such a fun company to work for! I enjoy the people, enjoy the conversation, even enjoy the work... the downfall is that I love the food and I love the coffee!!! Needless to say, a few extra pounds have found their way to my beautiful figure! :)

My parents will be here on THURSDAY!!!! I can not wait to see them, and hug them, and let them hug me! I miss my family and my home so much but look forward to the beginning of settling in Tucson for a while. I think the apartment will be a great adjustment for me... being able to start work at KFLR radio a week from today will also help a bit as well!

I'm glad Lyndsey got to see Sweeney Todd, I'm glad Veeves is beginning the exciting journey of ones' last months of college, I'm glad Philip is loving his work and that Bagel enjoyed the few extra pounds she has gained over the past week at Day Spa Katy! I'm also glad that my parents will actually begin to see what money in their accounts looks like in just a few short months... way to go Veevies for dragging that out!! :)


Saturday, August 26, 2006

not a whole lot...

So, there really isn't a lot going on! My parents are driving all over the place and will be with me in Tucson next week! I can't wait to see them and am so thankful that they are going to drive my things out to Tucson!!

I am moving into my new apartment on Thursday and then will be beginning my job in September 5th! I will miss Starbucks and Ann Taylor but am looking forward to a steady schedule and a steady pay check!

I have been able to talk with mom, dad, lyndsey, philip, and valerie over the past week and that was been great!

Brian's condo is looking good and will continue to get better as he starts to buy furniture, get cable, buy groceries, etc. He is so excited though! He is in Mexico with some guy friends this weekend for a bachelor party!

Not much is going on! I'll keep you posted! If anyone wants to help me move, I surely won't stop you!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

oh, las vegas...

So, I actually went to Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend. Crazy... I know! This was a trip that has been planned for a while now but nothing that I really talked about. Brian's mom lives in Vegas and is leaving for a month-long trip to Ireland so we had to make the seven hour hike (which was lots of fun compared to the 14 trip from Dallas to Tucson a few months back) to pick up the dog that Brian will be taking care of while she is out of the country. The whole trip worked out perfectly however because Brian's little sister, Sydne, was in town with her friend and one of Brian's frat buddies was in town with his fiancee and family, so we were able to see a bunch of people in a short period of time and have a blast at it!
Brian seems to be more of a frequent visitor to LV than I do so he showed me around, went down on the strip, which isn't far at all from where Sara (Brian's mom) lives and spent all day Saturday at the MGM Grand where Pete and Nina were staying or walking around to meet up with Sara, Sydne and Liz.

The trip was great! It was nice to get away from Tucson and be in a big city for a little while! I definitely miss big city life! Gambling-wise, I broke even, Sydne was up $150 and Brian won $700 last night! $700!!! It was so crazy but so exciting!!!!

Last night, Pete, Nina, Brian and I went to go see Ka, one of the Cirque de Soleil shows, at the MGM Grand. It was amazing! I can't believe their set design and lighting! It was phenomenal. These people are so flexible, agile and talented! It was a fabulous show and if you ever have the opportunity to see it, GO!!

I am tired and that is all I have for now! Have a wonderful Monday!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

my legs hurt now

So, after standing for hours a day for days on end, my legs are tired... my knees hurt... and I think I did something funky to my right hip joint... i have no idea how... I just know it hurts!!
I also am beginning to notice a heck of a lot of spider veins on my legs and they are not attractive...

I am deeply enjoying life at Starbucks and all the people that work there! Yesterday was my last day at Ann Taylor. I will miss the women that I worked with but I will not miss the late nights after long and early morning hours!!

Other than that, there is not a lot going on. I am looking forward to moving into my apartment but love living with the Kelley's! Brian and I are doing well... we both are working a whole lot right now and are not able to see each other daily... probably a good thing for us! I guess we are used to the distance so one day of not seeing each other isn't all that uncommon.

That's all I got...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Make sure you read to the very end!!!!

So, yesterday was a fiasco to say the least. Oh... I must start off by saying,

My phone broke Sunday evening and I was not able to call my older sister who just turned 27 on August 8, 2006!! So, everyone now, if you haven't already, wish the girl a happy b-day!!!

I did get my phone back in commission yesterday afternoon after a very very very busy day at Starbucks. Someone was rude to me, well not so much rude to me as much as mean toward me. A co-worker to a customer said loudly that she hated the south and hated the word 'ya'll' right after I had just used it in a sentence talking to that same customer. It was just hurtful... oh well. Life goes on and there was no need to pick a fight.

After work at Starbucks I went racing around town trying to get my phone fixed. Of course the first store I went to couldn't get it working and the store they sent me to couldn't do the same. The third Cingular was busy but very helpful and the two people that helped me, Jim & Danielle, did a wonderful job and went out of their way to fix my problem at no cost to me. The only issue was that somewhere in the mix, my SIM card got completely deleted which means that I no longer have your phone number. So, if you wouldn't mind, please call me and allow me to save it or email it to me again. Thank you!!

With all the drama that had occurred for most of the day, I felt confident that the rest wouldn't be much better but I decided I was going to try to look at the positives and just life be life. Stuff happens... Any way, then I headed on to the headhunter interview I had scheduled for 2pm. When I walked in I was asked to fill out a bunch of paperwork, similar to what I had done at the other Temp Agency I work with. I was told to watch to videos about sexual harassment and hazardous chemicals and then ushered to meet with one of the employees of Manpower, Inc.

We talked for two hours going over my interests, what I was looking for, etc. At the end he began describing the temp, temp to hire, and permanent positions that they normally filled. We shook hands at the end and I explained one more time (because I already had said this twice before since I had first walked in the building) that I am only looking for permanent work with benefits and salaried positions. I explained that I am already working with a temp agency and don't need any more assistance in that realm. He gave me a puzzled look and said, "Oh, you're not looking for temp... we have another department that focuses on the headhunting. I guess I can give the woman in charge of that department your resume and then she will look over it and call you. I thought you were just looking for temp or temp to hire..." I know that this doesn't sound like much as you read but after working with them for two hours, explaining my desires to different people multiple times and initially setting up an interview to meet with a headhunter at 2pm on Wednesday... I don't see how there could have been any confusion at all.

So, needless to say, leaving Manpower, Inc. after 4pm was not the most encouraging beginning to an end of my day. I decided to call Brian and vent for a few minutes and then would return phone calls I missed over the last three days of life with no phone.

I first called the director of HR with Family Life Radio who had called and left multiple messages over the last few days. We have been playing phone tag over the past two weeks so it was quite a shock when she actually answered the phone. I think we were both quite surprised! After a few moments of chit chat she OFFERED ME THE POSITION OF PRODUCTION SPECIALIST at Family Life Communications! I HAVE A REAL JOB MY FRIENDS, that is correct!!! I will begin hopefully at the end of August. I will be salaried and get benefits!!! I will have my own office! It's like I'm becoming a real grown up! I am so excited and can not wait to get started! I will see the relationships I have made at Ann Taylor and Starbucks but am so thankful to not be working two jobs with crazy hours any more!!!

I want to thank you for your diligent prayers and support during the last two months that I have been in Tucson. By September 1st I should be moving into my own apartment and beginning a permanent job! I am thankful to be in a position where I can stay in my field of interest and gain the diversity of working on both local TV and radio!

Again, thank you for everything! I miss you all dearly!
<3 C

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my feet hurt

I have been working approximately 12 hour days with both jobs combined. My feet and back hurt. All minor issues, I guess. Hopefully, more job opportunities will be coming my way and I won't have to worry about two part time jobs!
The moral of the story:
*Brian and I are doing well
*I love living with Eric & Jenny Kelley! What a blessing they are to me!
*I miss my friends and family
*My phone broke so I wasn't able to say, "HAPPY B-DAY LYNDSEY!!!!!!!!!!"

Here are a couple of pictures taking this past weekend at Gavin's (Brian's cousin) house.

We have a very humorous relationship. Brian's step brother noticed that our relationship is a lot like an awkward junior high relationship! We try so hard to act like we don't like each other in public that it is completely noticeable that we have a crush on each other! How cute is that!

Hope you are having a happy day! Keep me posted on your life!
<3 Catherine

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

cabbage... that's all I have to say!

Tim understands the title... and that's all that matters! :)

Life is going slowly at the moment. It is hot outside. I worked out hard yesterday and am not really feeling like making it out to the gym today. I already finished my shift at Starbucks this morning. My day was done by 10:45 am... it began at 4:30 am. I don't work again until tomorrow evening at Ann Taylor. I am still waiting to hear back from the radio station. They called last week and said they are working on an offer for me and that they would call me back on Monday... it's Wednesday.

I did find an apartment! I finished the paper work today and will turn it in tomorrow! I am so thankful for Eric & Jenni Kelley and family for allowing me to stay with them for the next month until I am in the apartment! They are such a blessing to me and an encouragement when I am able to spend time with them!

I still like Brian a whole lot!! I know he is excited for me to have found a place... almost as excited as he is about his condo. They should be starting the painting and roofing work soon if they haven't done so already!

I can't wait for Veeves to be home!