Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I don't have to listen to you!!

This is the blessing of technology. We have free wi-fi in the room...and I know that every stinking one of you will be asking 50 million questions...so I figured I will keep brief updates so you can know...don't worry we aren't spending more time on the computer than with each other.

I only did two runs today but I stayed more on my rear than on my feet...or at least it felt. Brian was a great teacher and I was a very impatient student. I wanted to pull the board off my feet and throw it down the mountain. But I didn't...and finally made it down...Brian did one more run without me per my encouragement. We are both really excited about tomorrow. However...now we are hitting up the hot tub and just taking it easy!!!

PS: Tons of pictures have been taken but we both forgot our camera cords so no pictures until we get back!!

Whistler, Day 01

We were suppose to leave Chelan at 8 am. With most family that sit down to breakfast at 7:45 am and talk more than eat...it's pretty hard to leave on time. Finally at 9 AM we were about to break away and get on the road. The drive from Chelan to Whistler should have taken about 7 hours... 9 and a half hours later we were finally pulling up to the lodge. We did have some weather but nothing that Brian worried about driving through.

The problems started in Vancouver where I guess we were driving through right when everyone else was. Traffic was SO slow. Once we were on 99 heading to Whistler we thought we had made it!! However, there is this thing called the Olympics coming in 2010...so construction is crazy!! Roads were down to one lane and when you have snow and slush and one lane...no one is driving very fast.

Oh well...we got there safely. The lodge is phenomenal!! We got settled into our room. Walked around the village. Went to Can-Ski and got my snowboard!! I bought goggles so now I own my own ski gloves and goggles!!

We are eating breakfast now and will be heading toward to snow here is just a little bit!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The honeymoon, Part 2

Most might consider this part 01 but only Valerie, Brian and I can reminisce on Honeymoon, Part 01 two months ago! :) What a wonderful car ride back to Tucson.

Brian and I made it into Seattle on Christmas Day without any major travel problems. We had to circle around the clouds of San Francisco 3 times before we could finally land because of a thunderstorm that had blown through. We didn't have any major delays and were able to get back in the air toward Seattle quite quickly. We landed without any problems thought it was snowing and rainy outside. They had to dig our car out of the snow from all the snowstorms that we heard about on the news. Connie had dropped off the car when she left for Tucson for Christmas with the Tucson clan! What a blessing to have family in both places so we can share cars and places to stay!!

Christmas Day evening we drove to Bremerton, WA where we spent the evening with Nan (grandma Quigley) Uncle Tim, Aunt Tish and cousins Siri & Iain. We had a delicious traditional Scandinavian meal including lefsa, swedish meatballs, boiled potatoes, and lingonberries. Dessert was orange sherbet served in hollowed out oranges...one did have the almond at the bottom! Nan won (she had the almond at the bottom of her sherbet) and received a gift card to Barnes and Noble!

We spent the next day reading books, relaxing on couches, and visiting with each other. Sara, my new mom :), was able to finally make it out of her parking lot in Portland and head over the Bremerton early on the 26th. We were so happy to spend the day with her. During the evening she was here we had a wonderful meal together and played cards all night long. I love playing Hearts and 8, 7, 6 with the Quigleys! We're all a little competitive!!

The morning of the 27th we went to visit Nan for a little while at her new retirement community and then got on the road to head to Lake Chelan. We had heard that there was a snow slide on I-90 where we would need to drive through to get to Chelan so we took a quick detour to the Tacoma Mall (where Brian worked during the summers of college) so we could buy all of our Christmas gifts for the Wick family we were heading to visit.

Once we were on the road again, besides the consistent rain, we didn't have any driving issues. There was rain and some snow through the pass but all was safe and sound. We made good time getting to Chelan and surprised everyone right before dinner!

We opened and sharing more gifts with the Wick family on the 27th and again on the 28th when Dave and Connie were able to make it. They had just flown in from Tucson yesterday where they shared that Tucson saw a little bit of snow two days ago! CRAZY!!!!

It was so much fun getting to spend time with Dan, Berit, Kristina, Grandma and Poppa, and Erik, Angie and Jaxon. This was the first time for Angie, Jaxon and I to all meet each other!! I was so excited to finally meet their faces!!!

We went to church this morning and received a wonderful lesson on Recession-proofing your life!! We went to the casino for brunch...insert sarcastic comment here...

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving to head to Whistler!! We are so stinkin' excited to be snowboarding SO SOON!!!!!!!

We'll keep you posted...

Pictures are to come, I promise!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We had a Christmas party at our house on Sunday night. Everyone that I work with from Starbucks came over to celebrate the holiday. It was a lot of fun and so nice to finally be able to utilize the space of our house!

Brian is no longer sick. Monday was a slow day for him but after that he was back to working hard.

We leave for our honeymoon is just a few short days! I can't believe that Christmas Day is almost here. 2008 has flown by so quickly. And there are so many things to be thankful for.

I hope you have a blessed Tuesday!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Brian's sick

I hope that for as long as Brian and I are still living there will be firsts.
First time we held hands
First date
First dance
First kiss...
First projectile vomit as a married couple...or for as long as my memory suites me..ever!

Brian has not felt well all day. He thought he just had a little too much dairy in his tummy from a type of shake he has been making every morning for breakfast since we received the Vita-Veta-Veg-A-Mine! His tummy has been very heavy; slightly gassy. You know how it goes...

Either way, he was suppose to be going to the UA v ASU game tonight and had really good seats too. He stood up slowly from the couch to get ready to leave. Walked straight to the bathroom. Made it to the toilet. Well, and you know the rest!

After the first go around he just stayed on the floor enjoying the cool tile.

After he had his second go around we settled him on the couch with water, gatorade, a blanket and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. He just finished reading the book for the first time.

Poor guy. I hope he feels better quickly!!!