Thursday, September 20, 2007

On my way to Russia...

In about 3 and a half hours I will be boarding a plane and heading to St. Petersburg, Russia. Myself and 13 other women from around TX will be hosting a renewal for 38 of the most wonderful women in Eastern Europe. We will be spending a week offering these women time of prayer, praise, solitude and silence and help encourage them through the week. This is my fourth trip with Come before Winter. What an honor it is for me to spend a week with the most amazing women in the world; getting to focus on the love that Jesus has given all of us and the joys we have to spend together in the Lord's presense.

Please be praying for all of us and the travels that will be occuring over the next 48 hours.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

more of Charlie, Pouncer, Trinity or whatever you decide to name her... kitten

Here are some more pictures of the precious playful kitten. I never can get good pictures of the little stinker because she can't stay still. She seems to be gaining more energy and joy by the minute. It's so exciting to watch!

But first enjoy the beautiful sunset over the mountains from our back yard...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

the kitten

Please let me first preface by allowing you to know that Brian nor I have had any attentions of getting a pet any time soon. Now, for the rest of the story...

On Wednesday afternoon I received a phone call from Brian. He was out looking at some property that he was selling before the final deal went through which was expected to happen on Friday. It is a great piece of property but the stuff that was on it was disgusting. There were two run down trailers that I would assume squattered had been living in for a while. Both homes that broken windows, boarded up window frames, over-grown grass, etc. I would assume you have seen pictures of impoverished areas or visited some yourself... just use your imagination from there. Brian let me know that he just found a stray kitten and didn't know what to do. There where three dead kittens along the wall and this kitten was hiding in a cement block by the door frame; covered in dirt, fleas and severely malnourished. I told him to get it, I would meet him somewhere and take it to a vet. When he got back from his car with a hand full of Kleenex to pick the kitten up; he couldn't find it anywhere. I told him I would meet up with him after he got off work and we could go looking for her. As soon as we walked through the door frame (the door had been removed) she stumbled right out and walked right up to me. Brian scooped her up and put her in the only type of box we could find to transport her... a weather-worn 12-pack Budweiser box with a hole in the side for her to poke her head out of. Brian and I went to Pets mart, bought some food, cat milk and shampoo to try to clean her and then went back to her house to see if she would eat anything and allow us to clean her off.

I took her to the vet the next day. They said she was probably 2 1/2 weeks old and that if we could have waited one more day to look for her she probably would have been dead. She was covered in fleas... we gave her front line and they have all since died; they gave me a gentle shampoo to wash her after 48 hours of the Front line being administered... she is super soft and fluffy now; an antibiotic to kill a yucky eye grossness (I don't know what it is)... she gets that every 24 hours; an amoxicilin for a parasite she had from her living conditions... she gets that every 12 hours; and last but not least; nutritional food to help her get some fat and muscle in her since she had absolutely none... that happens every 2 hours!!!

It has been so neat to watch her get a little stronger every time I check on her. She started purring yesterday and today she meowed for the first time!! I was like a proud parent with your child saying their very first word. She even went poo poo today!! :) I know this sounds silly but she had not gone since I had taken her to the vet on Thursday afternoon and I was nervous something else could be wrong. Her pupils have continued to fill out and she is getting more and more playful!!

At this point and time we have no plans on keeping her. She is so precious and needy right now but I don't know if I am ready for this sort of responsibility, emotionally and financially, yet.

I took some pictures today. Brian has some pictures of her from the first night we got her but he is in Seattle right now so I can't share them with you at this point and time... so please enjoy the ones I took of her today!


PS: Brian has named her Charlie, I won't name her unless we are going to keep her and mom has named her either Trailer Park Pouncer and call her/him Pouncer for short. Or we can name her Trinity cause she was one of three kittens. Or we can name her Lucky.

Enjoy the precious little creature... and I am sorry many are blurry but the little booger won't stay still for a photo opp...

**the flash made her eyes two different colors... they are a really pretty blue/green in person**

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Let His people rejoice!!! THE TOILET HAS BEEN FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called a plumber on Tuesday afternoon. I then called Brian to let him know I felt that he was just too busy with work to also have to worry about fixing a toilet... the plumber had it fixed in less than 30 minutes (and updated our other toilet hardware; just because he is nice and I think felt sorry for me). So, after almost one month of living at the new house I FINALLY have a toilet I can use in the middle of the night without bothering Megan! YEAH!!!!

In other news, our two trash cans that we keep in our car port which is in the back of the house and covered have disappeared. Megan took the trash out from the kitchen on Sunday night and put the bag of trash into the cans outside... we haven't seen them since. It is just sort of odd. Who in the world would steal trash cans... on top of the fact that who is coming onto our property and taking things that are not theirs. We hope and pray that neighbors aren't trying to bully us with this zoning project Brian is working on. We are trying hard not to jump to conclusions but at the same instance something is not right.

Brian got a job promotion last week! We are very excited for these new opportunities. He is still working on land deals but is now also getting to sale houses!!!!!!! YEAH!!! So, yesterday he went to look at a piece of property that turned out to be very run down and sort of nerve-racking being there. While walking the property, the came across some bad smells and then found two dead kittens. A little kitten popped it's head out of a brick where it was hiding. Being the compassionate person he is... he didn't want to leave the kitten there to share in the ultimate fate of it's siblings. He called me, we went out there after he got off of work, found the kitten and took it to his condo. We went and bought some food, shampoo and cat milk. It was dirty, malnurished, flea infested and had some bad cuts behind its ears from scratching. Brian gave it a bath and made a little bed for it in the guest bathroom. I am going to take it to a vet today and see what needs to happen. Brian and I really don't want the responsibility of a pet right now but we don't want it to be euthonized(spl?) if it doesn't need to be.

I'll post some pictures when I can.

Well, that's what has been going on in my world lately!!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grand Canyon fun time!!

Labor Day weekend was so much fun!! Veeves flew into Tucson and we went camping at the Grand Canyon. I'm not going to type much and I want to let the pictures do most of the talking... however my blog is being goofy right now and won't let me download any... so I will to that soon and very soon! I promise!! LOVE!!!