Sunday, June 14, 2009

A quick little update

1) I just completed my final for class #1 of my MBA program...only 18 more to go! Yeah! :)

2) I finished my paper yesterday. I kept asking Brian to read to for me for any thoughts or advice but that never happened. I turned it in this morning and hopefully I will know by tomorrow how I did!

3) This morning when I was walking into the bathroom I noticed a bird acting oddly outside. Brian went outside and picked it up, its wing was broken so was hopping around, then placed it on a tree. It was a wood pecker so hopefully it will peck its way to its final resting place.

4) Catherine: I feel sorry for the bird. But it's wild and I'm not going to pay for a vet bill.
Brian: Yep, at least Harry the Javelina will have dinner if he comes back.

5) I finally had my 90 Day Review at work last week. Yes, I was hired in was only 2 monthly delayed!

6) I got to talk with Valerie on Skype again. I always love getting to see that girls face! Now only if the rest of my family would get on so we could talk 'face to face'...instead of the 'normal' places mom and I always know what I talking about Vic!

7) I guess Brian and I are now officially a married couple. No anulment jokes anymore because I can now take all of "his" money with me! Just kidding...but really, we did finally get a joint account yesterday at Wells Fargo. Since we both already had accounts we were able to merge all of his things over and blend them in with mine. It was painless! Now, Brian is waiting on a new debit card so is out of money for a week and I am the official bill payer and checkbook keeper of ALL bills that come to our house. This was pretty exciting because we have been talking about this since before the actual wedding day. We are both thrilled to continue to be checking things off our financial to do list. Hopefully within the next few months we will be completely credit card debit free too!! What a bless!!

Love you guys!

Friday, June 05, 2009

The pictures from the last post

Scroll down to the last post to read the are the pictures!

The picture below is the javelina giving itself a dirt bath. He layed down and started kicking dirt up all over himself. I hope to feels so fresh and so clean clean now

The picture below is when Brian is standing by the carport yelling at it trying to get its attention and it just keeps walking.

The baby baby bunny!

2 bigger bunnies...I hope these are the baby baby bunnies parents because we only see him by himself...hummm.

See, I promised we really did see a javelina in our yard and now you hopefully believe me! Happy Friday.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The javelina in our front yard

Just to begin, for those of you who have no idea what a javelina is. Go here to learn a little more.

Two days ago, Brian called me while I was at work. There was a javelina right our front of his home office window. We get a lot of wildlife at our house but we have never had a javelina before. He was walking around and giving himself a dirt bath right where we normally watch the baby baby bunny (like 8 inches long baby baby) and all the pretty birds. Brian took some great pictures but I have not been able to load them to a computer since my laptop crashed on Monday. Don't worry, it is in route to dad so he can save the day again!

Brian even went outside by the car port and yelled at it to try to get it to look at him. He just kept walking on this merry way. Normally when we see javelina out we see them in packs so we are wondering if he is just looking for his final resting place or something of the sorts.

Yesterday when I drove home, Brian was standing outside looking out into the desert. I stopped the car and got out. The javelina was wondering around our back yard again. I grabbed the camera to try to snap a photo but when I walked around some brush the javelina had stopped and was starring right at me. I panicked, jumped back in my car, parked it and then ran into the house. Javelinas are not known for being friendly creatures.

I will post pictures of what Brian took as soon as I can. The blessings of the desert! YEAH!!