Sunday, December 16, 2007

The sunset tonight...

I know I just posted an hour or so ago but I just had to share God's sunset from our backyard this evening! Pictures just don't do it justice!!
Thank you Jesus for your creation!!!

Life has been busy!!

Life really has been busy! I feel like since I returned from St. Petersburg, Russia with Come before Winter I haven't had a break. I have been working all week at Family Life Radio and all weekend at Starbucks. All in all, things are great...I'm just tired!

For a long while I didn't think Brian nor I would be traveling anywhere for the holidays. At first I wasn't at peace with the idea of not being with family for the holidays but then I started to think how nice it would be to not travel, not deal with airports, not try to see 100+ people in a few short days, etc. Then Brian's dad called...and gave use two passes to fly on Southwest to Seattle for Christmas!!! What a blessing!! Of course this now means travel travel travel...but it will be so good to see his mom, dad, Connie, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and old friends!! And...we may even try to ski for a day while around Lake Chelan!!
We will be flying standby...please pray that we will be able to get on flights quickly and smoothly. If you know me you know that I don't always have the post positive attitude about flying standby nor have I had the best of luck doing the same! :)
The last time I flew standby it was a big mess... I'm feeling lucky this time around :)

So, today Brian and I had just gotten back to my house from running errands. We parked my car in the round-about to unload through the front door. I had just sat down to eat my sandwich when Brian yelled, "Catherine! Come here now!!!"
C: What is it?
B: Get over here... (said in a hushed/concerned voice)
C: Okay... what... oh my GOSH (quietly spoken)
C: What is it?
B: I think it's a hawk!!
C: I gotta go grab my camera...

So, here we are kids...we've seen these hawks flying around the neighbor but never this up close and personal!

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And then it left a present for us! :)

On Thursday I finally broke down and did it... I cried in my car for a short moment afterward...but after a long conversation with my mother...I didn't feel like I had a choice... Given, if I wanted to try to vote against the County Board of Directors who are helping make our land split so difficult... I have to have this to be able to vote...blah!... Like Veeves said, "The State of Texas is disappointed in you".
I think I must agree...

Thanks Valerie...thank you...