Sunday, October 28, 2007

Independence, new gadgets and ex-girlfriends

...DANG IT!! :)

So, I changed the head light in my car today that has been out for weeks and weeks. Well... I guess I really didn't do it but I watched the guy from Checker Auto parts do it and he walked me through what to do next time!!!! In moments like these you appreciate so much being close to your daddy who can fix everything... thanks Dad... I miss you!!

My car stereo/CD player/tape deck stopped working yesterday... I knew this was going to happen fairly soon... yet I still wasn't ready for it to no longer be working. And, course, through these situations you realize how dependent you are on whatever object is no longer working; whether it be a cell phone, cd player, ipod, car, etc. I went to Best Buy yesterday afternoon and ended up getting a new CD player put in my car that I can play my iPod straight out of! It's a pretty neat deal... nothing at all fancy... but still fun!!

While I was waiting through 4 hours of it being installed I walked a cross the street to the mall. Did a little browsing. Then Brian met me up there after he was done working for some Starbucks and browsing (again) until the car was finished. We went into Z Gallerie (once of the most fabulous stores in the word)!! We ran into Gavin's (Brian's cousin that lives in Tucson) ex-girlfriend whom I haven't seen in months and months... while they dated Beth and I hung out a bit. We chatted for a while, caught up, exchanged cell phone numbers again, the whole bit... then went on our marry way.
We went back to Best Buy to wait just a little while longer for the car when we ran into none other than Meredith... Dave's ex-fiancee/girlfriend/whatever you want to to call her. I was able to catch up with her for a little bit and then immediately walked off to call Brian and tell him who I just ran into.
Going from feeling like I don't know anyone to running into random people all right in a row... oh, and this follows running into Dave on Friday night (literally) 5 minutes after he ditched Brian and I because of a "head ache" at the local Blockbuster... hummmmm....

Brian has been working his tail off this weekend showing homes and working on the rezone. Thank the Lord that we will have an answer as of November 20th... and Lord willing that the county will show us favor. This whole situation has been quite interesting to say the least. It was been a wonderful way to get to know neighbors and introduce ourselves. However, it has also been very heartbreaking to see how immature grown ups can act SO rudely. I would never have imagined been treated the way some neighbors have treated us and hearing things said about us that I just can't fathom adults saying about other adults whom they don't know nor have made any effort to meet. These are the times when Brian and I are so thankful to know the Lord and to have the peace that know matter how this all turns out the Lord has plans for us... though they are not at all what we can envision right now.

Of course, I will keep all up to date on the happenings of it all!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

new news

So, Lyndsey and Kathy will not be able to come. Lyndz called me today and let me know that within approximately 90 seconds of calling one job to turn them down because she was coming to visit her Tucson sister she received another call getting a fabulous job offer for the month of November and potentially beyond. So, I'm bummed out that she isn't going to be able to come within the next couple of weeks (and I was selfishly looking forward to going to San Diego to play with Sandy and Nate for a day too) but I know that she will diligently try to figure out the next time to have Lyndsey and Catherine play time!!!

Of course, I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

what's been going on lately

I have had a pretty good week. Brian and I continue to work diligently on the rezoning of the property I am living on. It has been taking up most of our "free time" every day and will until the hearing happens with the county on November 20th. Please pray that the neighbors will be receptive to what we are wanting to do. Pray that the county will see that what we are trying to make happen on this property is a good idea and the best, most sensible plan for these 2.2 acres. Pray for Brian, as he has invested so much financially and emotionally, that he will continue to feel encouraged by what he is presenting.

Last Thursday, Brian and I went to our friend Dave's house to cook out and watch The Office. We just spent a lot of time laughing and getting to enjoy Dave's new (beautiful) home!!

On Saturday afternoon after a couple of hours of walking up and down our neighborhood talking with neighbors about our project we went up to the U of A and hung out with a bunch of Brian's co-workers at a tailgate. We had so much fun getting to relax, people watch and get some good food! After all the wives and kids left for the game, Brian, myself and 5 other of Brian's buddies played Texas Hold 'em and watched the game on TV. I had so much fun!! What a blessing to have friends (even if they are Brian's co-workers and older with kids to spend time with)!

Tonight, Brian and I will be going over to Eric and Jenny Kelley's house for burgers and bonding! Eric and Jenny (and there four children) is the family that I lived with when I first moved to Tucson a year ago. We have tried to stay in contact with each other when we can. I am excited to have more fellowship time with friends!!

So... rumor has it that big sis Lyndsey and new roomie Kathy will be heading to Tucson, AZ within the next month!!!!!!!!! I hope that all will work out!! How much fun to have play time with family in Tucson... only if I could convince my parents to come too!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

I have GAS!!!!

The gas guy and plumbers have been working diligently all week and we finally have hot water again!!!

So, this weekend is ACU's Homecoming. I can't believe this is the third year in a row I haven't been able to go to. I have either been working or out of town each time it's rolled around.

It is amazing how quickly time flys. I have already been out of college for 3 1/2 years... and am still struggling with the idea of "grown up".

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I miss the Texas State Fair a whole lot! Brian is also from TX and has experienced all that is the State Fair of TX and yet he doesn't appreciate the joy that comes from the Texas Star, a corny dog, a funnel cake and whatever you can imagine fired full of goodness! :)
Mom and Dad got to go. Valerie and Mom got to go. And I just got to listen...

So, I was just reading through Lyndsey Goode's blog. and if you haven't read this yet and you are from Texas... trust me... this is HILLLL-arious!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

No hot water for Catherine & Megan

For the last week we have been taking cold showers. We both have tried to have a positive attitude about this but it definitely gets hard at times. Brian (our land lord and my boyfriend) has been working tirelessly to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

He spent his Sunday afternoon digging up dirt from the gas meter toward to house in search for the pipes that could be who knows how many feet under ground. He actually was able to find them pretty quickly. He got the gas guys out today to fix up the piping. Now we are just waiting on someone to verify that everything is working properly and then we should be back up and running.

Please pray (seriously) that this is the last of many problems we have encountered since the purchase of this house. Brian, which in turn means Catherine, has been very stressed out due to this WHOLE situation. It sometimes (a lot actually) is hard to have a smile and show grace when frustrating things continue to occur that cause a lot of inconvience and even more money!

Hopefully I will be letting you know soon and very soon that I HAVE GAS!!!!!!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thoughts running through my head...

First of all, I can not believe it is October and temps are still hitting the high 90's pushing 100 degrees. This is amazing to me!!
I am listening to The Polar Express so I can feel like Fall is in the air! :) I love Christmas music!! And Fall!!!

I am going walking with my friend Cassie!! I wished I had more availability to go walking with people so I would actually go... I never can talk myself into doing it on my own. I just got off the phone with Cassie and she told me I had to wear sunscreen. My response to her was, "Yes mother". I think she is younger than me... and if she isn't... she isn't much older... but have no fear mother... people everywhere are trying to take care of me for you!!

And on that note... a co-worker came into my office today letting me know that a pair of pants I wore last week were inappropriate. I will not mention why over the blog and if you are really that interested you can call me to ask. Moral of the story... I need to start walking so I can then start jogging so I then can start losing all the weight I have gained over the last year so the clothes I own will actually fit and look appropriate on!

I have been thinking a lot recently about my most recent trip with Come before Winter. I am so thankful to be the age I am and be able to be actively involved in such an amazing ministry! I work with a team of phenomenal women and the women that attendthe renewal every time are stinkin' amazing!!!

As I reflect back on my week in St. Petersburg, Russia I am reminded of how blessed we are in America. There are a lot of problems we are faced with daily. We feel that at moments in time life can't get any worse. We believe that most everything should cater to us in some way, shape or form and yet... we live in a society that a lot of people from a lot of different countries would love to be a part of.
We fail to remember how lucky we are to go to the schools we go to, the universities we are able to take student loans out for so we are able to attend, how easy it is to rent or own a property to live in, or being raised openly in a Christian home and not being persecuted for it.

A majority of the women we worked with in Russia were born and raised in or around Russia. Most of their families were not Christians and just the mere act of learning about Christ,trusting in Him and professing their faith has opened the door to persecution, abandonment, family members taken them to court to make them legally disowned; and yet them come with a smile and a genuine interest of desiring to know Christ more today than they did yesterday.

I think of Christians I know; I think of myself. Would I be able to handle that? Would I be able to stand up for something so strongly knowing that my family might shut the front door in my face? I have no idea....

A blessing of getting to travel to other countries and interact with a local people continually reminds me of the blessings that I daily have and that the struggles that I face will come to pass... as they always have before.

I can't get the words Suzanne shared with me one evening after a talk she had with 'Natasha'. "How do I raise a Christian baby," Natasha asked Suzanne. It never occurred to me that these 'baby Christians'; these women who have only known Christ for maybe 5 years... or less... wouldn't know how to raise children in a Christian home. How could they? They've never seen what that looks like? It makes we weep thinking about it... for sorrow in the true pain and concern that these young Christian mothers feel... and yet for joy in the excitement that is to come.

The day I returned from St. Petersburg I had a short lay-over in Dallas. Mom, Dad and Veeves met me at the airport for hugs and a little bit of chatting! I told them about my above thoughts and asked if they even knew who the first Christians in our family were. Neither of them had an immediate response. What a blessing my life has been to be raised in a family who through thick and thin have loved deeply and relied heavily on the Lord to carry us through... and that from generations and generations back this has been instilled in us...

...and how awesome will to be for these families in and around Russia to grow from generation to generation knowing that "Natasha" was the great great great great great great great... grandmother who first learned about Christ and shared her faith with her family.

How exciting!

That is what I walked away with that week. There are so many other snap shots and blessings that occurred that week... but that image... that thought is the one I will carry with me for many many years... and I hope that I can raise Christian children who desire to learn and follow the faith that the many generations before me paved!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Kitty

The kitty has found a new home. Friday evening Brian and I drove to Rita Ranch... about 45 minutes south of where I live and took kitty to her new home with Cliff and Malinda Moquin. Cliff is one of my co-workers. They have two older cats and thought she would be a great addition to the family! She seemed very happy playing and exploring. Their two cats were not as welcoming but they will lighten up over time... I hope! :) Here are some pictures from the car ride over to Cliff's house. Hasn't she gotten so big? Oh... and she did live Brian and I a "going away" present in the car right before we got to the house... needless to say, the car needs to have the windows down constantly for a day or two.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

St. Petersburg, Russia, Part One

What a blessing this trip was!! It always amazes me how a group of women from the states goes to another country to host a renewal for women involved in missions and we return renewed ourselves!!

Here are some pictures to enjoy... I will get to all the details when I have some extra time. All I can tell you is it was AMAZING!!!!!

The Czar's winter palace, now where The Hermitage is, on the square where Bloody Sunday occured

walking up the stairs of The Hermitage

The square where Bloody Sunday occured; looking at the Military Headquarters and barracks

The Church of the Blood

A side view of The Church of the Blood with a view of the canal

Peterhoff front entrance

part of the gardens

In the courtyard of the Stables where we stayed at Peterhoff

Jayne, Suzanne, Kelliann, Georgia, Catherine, Jamie, Shelly at the Gulf of Finland

on the grounds at Peterhoff where Peter the Great lived

The church of Peter and Paul

The stable grounds where we stayed

The stable grounds where we stayed

Fall was gorgeous!!!!!!! The trees where so huge and the leaves were beautiful!!!

The chapel at Peterhoff

Monday, October 01, 2007

Back from Russia

Hi friends! I wanted to let you know I have made it back to Tucson safely from St. Petersburg, Russia. This trip was such a blessing in so many ways. I will post about it and include pictures later on this week. I just wanted to let you know I am back, safe, already back to work and will update you soon and very soon!!


PS: Here is a sneak peak of what is to come...

This is a picture of The Church of the Blood.