Monday, January 21, 2008

This weekend

I was in Dallas and was able to get a lot of things taken care of for the wedding. It feels so good to be making progress in all of the wedding planning even though it is about 10 months away!
I have a dress (thanks Kris!!!)
I have a caterer (thanks Susan!!!)
I have a fabulous cake lady (thanks Meredith & Rachel!!!)
I have flower people (thanks Colleen, Lisa and Trish!!!)
I have a mom in charge for the church reception (thanks MOM!!!)
I have a maid of honor to take care of other business (thanks Veeves!!!)
I have a sister that is going to be in charge of everything once she is here (thanks Lyndz!!!)

Now, I just need to officially ask the girls that I want to help with House party and singing, finish Save The Date cards and get started on designing the invitations!!

man it feels good to be accomplishing things!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The story...well actually...the whole history in a nut shell...buckle up kids...this is a long one

WoW!! I really don’t know where to begin…this is a moment I have been waiting for for a very very very long time!
To start off…here is a brief history:
Brian and Catherine met in 1997 when he was beginning his freshman year in high school and Catherine was starting her sophomore year.
They became good friends through her brother, Philip, who shared a marching band spot in band with Brian.
Began dating in 1998 after a first date to Catherine’s junior prom.
Dated until 2000 when Brian moved to finish his senior year of high school at Woodrow Wilson high school in Portland, OR.
Catherine went to ACU…Brian went to the University of Washington in Seattle
We remained good friends throughout that time; continuing to talk on the phone, email and travel to see each other when we could.
We officially started dating again on July 7, 2005.
Brian moved to Tucson, AZ in August 2005… Catherine followed in June 2006.

Since I have moved to Tucson I have been hearing about how neat of a city San Diego, CA is and what a great weekend trip it is to have. It is only a 6 hour drive or 1 hour flight from Tucson. So, I have been mentioning it to Brian every once in a while that I would like to take a trip there.

Since we have been dating on and off for 10 years I felt like it was normal to assume that I would be getting engaged at some point soon after my move to Tucson. After all, I am moving all the way to AZ from my beloved Farmers Branch, TX (where I thought I would never leave…and was totally okay with that idea) for a boy!!
So, before any significant date or special moment I would think ‘maybe it’s going to happen tonight’… yet it never had.
After we finished our pre-marital counseling that thought became even more recurrent.
It didn’t happen while we were in TX for Thanksgiving with my whole family… he didn’t even ask my dad for permission…which I thought was a definite since it would be the only time to do it face to face. I found this out through my dad during a phone conversation we were having a few weeks ago…this is what it looked like:
D: You can’t keep traveling with this boy all the time as just a friend… you know that.
C: Dad, I know!! I’m not planning on it! I’m pretty sure it will happen soon.
D: Ya…well…does he know he’s got to ask me first before anything happens
C: Ugh…yes dad! I know! And he knows too!
D: Okay… just checking…

It didn’t happen during Christmas with his family in Washington and Oregon either.
It didn’t happen during New Years Eve celebrations.

So FINALLY…the story!!!!!
On Friday, January 4th, Brian asked what I wanted to do for the weekend. I knew that I would have to work at Starbucks Saturday morning but didn’t have anything else planned! He mentioned going to Scottsdale Saturday afternoon to go use the gift certificates we have gotten from our families over Christmas. Once I was off work I went straight home, showered and got ready for a super fun day of shopping at amazing stores that don’t exist in Tucson. I was ready to go…he had to pay bills, go to the bank, mail some letters…
We were finally headed to Scottsdale when he “accidentally” took a wrong exit. However, he never re-corrected the course and we kept driving another way. I knew something was up and I kept thinking that maybe it was about to happen!!
We ended up at the Tucson airport…I’m so confused!
We walk in and he tells me to sit in a seat. He walks up to the ticketing agent. He comes back to me and asks for my id. I give it to him and then he tells me to follow him. We go through security…the whole time he is holding my id and ticket and won’t let me see anything. We get through and he asks me to immediately sit down. He is gone for a while. He comes back and we just kill time until he tells me to follow him. We end up getting in line to board a flight to SAN DIEGO!!

I’m so excited and yet so confused all at the same time! :) We get seated and he begins to tell me that work is going to start getting really busy and since we didn’t do much for Christmas gifts for each other he thought he would surprise me with one last fun trip!
B: Oh…and please don’t get any ideas about this… it really is just for Christmas…nothing else.
C: Oh… okay… sheepishly looking down disappointed
B: Oh stop it… we’ll have a great time and it will be a nice romantic date! I just don’t want you getting mad at me at the end of the night when nothing happens…

So after this and so many times before of being disappointed when the night ends and no 'certain question has' been asked… I believed him and I appreciated him giving me the heads up so I wouldn’t be upset when we were coming back to Tucson without a pretty shiny ring on my left ring finger.

We finally land in San Diego after a detour to Phoenix because of a faulty landing gear. After a 1+ hour layover in PHX the whole plane was taken off the first plane and put on a second that got us to SD a few hours late but safety!

We walked around beautiful downtown and by the Navy shipyards for a while.
Pictures from the Navy shipyards:

Brian really wanted seafood and I didn’t care so we went to a nice restaurant right off the water. We spent over 2 hours laughing, enjoying each others company, people watching, etc.
This is the restaurant we went to...

Here we are at dinner...

Afterward, we went outside on the pier and walked around. We stood for a while in one of the corners of the pier looking at all the boats, talking about our future together, talking about our relationship…then Brian moved from right next to me to in front of me. We kept talking and then he started going down on one knee.

I freaked out!! I had no idea this was about to happen and I was completely caught off guard!
B: So, I know this has been a long time coming but………..he keeps saying sweet things and this is what comes out of my mouth over him…
C: SHUT UP!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh…
B: I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. Will you marry me?
C: Did you ask my dad?
B: Yes’s…I did!
C: What did he say?
B: He said he gives his blessings Catherine…just say YES please!!! :)
C: YES!!!!!! YES!!!! Oh my goodness YESSSSSSSS!!!!

Hugs and kisses and a lot of hyperventilating follow…

I was completely in shock. I couldn't stop saying ‘Oh my gosh’ and ‘Are you for real?’ for a good twenty minutes. He then took me to the 40th floor of the Hyatt hotel where they have a glass lounge that overlooks the water and downtown San Diego.

This was taken right after he asked...and seriously...this is what I looked like the whole time. I was in complete shock. I wasn't processing through everything and wasn't really breathing! I still can't really believe it! :)

This picture was taken in the cab ride over the the Hyatt lounge right after he asked!

What a wonderful evening!! What a blessing it is to be with a man for so long and him continue to find ways to completely through me off guard!! I'm so excited for what more it to come!
At this point all we know is we will be getting married in Tucson in October 2008 and will be having a large celebration in Dallas a week or so later!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to get to be a Wick!! And he is going to get to become a Goode kid! :)

These were all taken right at the spot where it all went down!!!

Here's a picture of the ring!! It is so beautiful and sparkly!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ringin' in the New Year

Brian and I had a wonderful time with his family on Washington and Oregon over Christmas. We had no problems with our standby passes to and from Washington!! Thank you so much for your prayers... they were definitely felt!

We arrived on the 20th in the afternoon and were able to spend the rest of the day catching up with his Uncle Tim (his mom's brother) and Aunt Tish at their office in Bremerton, visiting his Nan (his mom's mom) and still meeting up for dinner with David (dad) and Connie (step-mom) for Connie's birthday celebration in Port Orchard. We had a blast getting to see their boat and go down on the water. I saw an otter swimming around the dock! That was pretty neat since when I think of 'otter' I think 'Alaska'...

On Friday we surprised Dan, Berit and Kristina at the airport. They were coming in from Columbia where they are missionaries and they were not expecting us at all! :) That was a sweet surprise. I had not seen them in over two years! We spent the day catching up with them and running errands... then headed off to Lake Chelan... where the rest of the family was to meet us on Saturday!
We made it over the pass with no problems though there was a lot of snow.

We stopped at the top of the mountain for a potty break and for a little snow ball fight. You can see how high snow had piled around us. We did not need chains on the tires at that point. It was just slow-going!

I have only been to Lake Chelan during the summer where it is perfect to hop on the boat and go water skiing or grab the jet ski's and play around... or if you are Brian, David or Connie... grab the hobbie cat and go sailing! :)
The views from the lake house were gorgeous. The first morning we woke up and fresh snow had fallen all around. It was super cold but too beautiful not to bundle up and go out and take some pictures.

Before everyone else started arriving we continued on our errands to Wal-Mart (Lake Chelan just got a Super Wal-Mart recently... it's where you will run into anyone and everyone in the town), the hanger (where Dan, Berit and Kristina keep their plane and all their boxes from the move to Columbia) and to get the Christmas tree!! The tree was real too!! I can't remember the last time I have gotten to decorate a real Christmas tree!

Brian and Dan bringing in the Christmas tree and setting it up!!

Kristina and I were the decorators!! It was a lot of fun! Brian just sat in a chair and watched while we listened to Christmas music in spanish!

The rest of the Wick clan started arriving Saturday afternoon. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together with a lot of laughter, catching up and super yummy food courtisy of grandma Virginia!

Top: Dan, Papa and Grandma (Don & Virginia), Brian, Connie, David
Bottom: Catherine, Aunt Berit, cousin Kristina

Brian and I took a bunch of pictures outside in the snow!! It was so pretty and SOOO coooollllddddd! :)

Oh... and here is a super cute one of Connie, David, Brian and I.

We all woke up Sunday morning and went to Christmas service at the local bible church. It was very enjoyable and sweet to have most of the family together. I was very surprised to find how many people there were at the church in such a small town.
After a wonderful time of fellowship and a hardy meal with the family Brian and I headed out in the snow toward Portland to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with Sara (Brian's mom).
Here are some pictures from the drive from Lake Chelan to Portland. There was tons of snow dumping on us through the mountains. Once we crossed the Washington/Oregon border to rain started pouring and the fog was so bad we could only see about 10 feet in front of us!!

We made it safely to Portland and were welcomed with big hugs from Sara!! It was wonderful to spend a couple of days with her!! On the 24th we went to Christmas Eve service at her church. She is very involved with her church playing hand bells, piano and singing in the choir. We drove by the property she is hoping to buy and build and home on! We opened gifts together and hit the mall for a few quick errands! She made Brian an awesome quilt for his bed with Washington Huskie fabric. She made me a padfolio and make-up bag with great brown and pink fabric she had!! She is SO creative and hopefully I can convince her to make me a t-shirt quilt or two with a bunch of old t-shirts that I have held on to over the years!! :)

We all woke up Christmas morning to give our goodbyes. Brian and I loaded up the car and began our drive back to the Sea-Tac airport where we were hoping (and did!!!) to catch both flights back to Tucson!!

We arrived in Tucson around 8 pm and drove to my house on the NW side of town to see that Santa :) had made it by even though we were gone!

We opened gifts and are so thankful of all the wonderful gifts our families had sent to us prior to Christmas day!!

We had such a wonderful time with Brian's family and catching up as much on the phone as we could with mine!!
We love you guys so much!!!

Here are a few pictures from our New Years Eve celebration at Dave's house in Tucson. It was a night filled with Guitar Hero and cards! I sucked it up at Guitar Hero but won both card games that we played... 31 & 8, 7, 6!! I was proud of myself!
The first picture of us in 2008

Trying to play it cool while in my head freaking out because I can't keep up even on the beginner level
How I really felt the entire time

Dave, Brian and Gavin (cousin) being themselves... or at least when they are together

Happy 2008!! I hope your year is filled with many blessings!!