Monday, April 27, 2009


Today is day #1 of going to style. It hasn't been so bad so far. I am very interested to see how this continues to go. This morning, Brian and I woke up at 5:15 am. He went to the gym, I went jogging around the neighborhood. I was showered, had breakfast and ready to go by 7 am...I don't go to work until 10:30 am. I have been reading Organizational Behavior and have already posted on the two discussion questions. The hard part will be staying disiplined to check in with the other posts and respond in addition to writing the papers and other assignments that will be given.

Brian and I had a nice weekend. Saturday morning we both had to work. Then Patrick came down from Benson on Saturday afternoon. We had a delicious dinner at Tavolino's and he ended up spending the night because it was very windy and he didn't want to drive his motorcycle on the highways so late at night. On Sunday we had a laid back morning until church at 10:30 am. We went to lunch with some of our friends and enjoyed a meal out on a patio...I am loving this heat!

I also got to speak with my aunt (JJ) very briefly until she decided that the person that beeped in was WAY more important than I was. Alas, I think I will be okay!

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy 6 month anniversary... plus some

Brian and my 6 month anniversary was April 18th. It doesn't feel like it has been 6 months since our wedding and I do miss all the presents coming to our door every day! :) I realize that you are suppose to wait until your one year anniversary to thaw your cake and eat it in celebration but I really wanted the freezer space back and it took too much room in the fridge!
Here are the lovely thawed cakes...remember, Brian's grandma (Gini) made the Kranskaka. Whoever wrapped the wedding cake did a wonderful job keeping it airtight. I was very impressed when I was unwrapping it. The white chocolate curls were delicious!

This is Brian having a good attitude about eating "old" cake when he really didn't want to! :)

I dared him to shove that whole piece in his mouth...he got about half of it in! It was a hilarious moment!

Of course I didn't have a problem giving it a try! :) Hello!! Sugar!!
This is a shout out to all of my college McKay's cake party girls. We all have to do it!

The wedding cake was good. Not as fabulous as it was when we first had it but it was good for a bit or two. The Kranskaka was delicious though! We need to call Gini and let her know how yummy it still was. We will savor the kranskaka as long as it lasts!

This weekend, Brian's roommate Adam came for the weekend from Vegas. He was finishing up his spring break (he is in medical school...smarty pants) and decided to come hang out with us for a couple of days. It was so nice having him around again. He and Brian played paintball on Saturday morning. They both had some facinating bruises...I did try to take pictures but my camera could not do them justice. We just sat on the back porch Saturday evening and I had a yummy lobster dinner and Adam grilled shrimp skewers. It was so good!!

(This is an old picture of the boys but all I could find.)

And lastly, when I opened up by blinds the other morning there was a baby bunny eatting right out front of our bedroom sliding glass door! All the warm weather is bringing out all the fun animals!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Aunt JJ,
Are any of these pictures the one that you wanted? Let me know which one you want printed.









And just in case you needed a reminder of my mother dancing away with just has to make you smile!

Aren't y'all so cute...

Or who could ever forget this moment...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Yesterday was a very nice day. It poured (rain) most of Saturday so I was a little nervous for our Sunrise Service with the Fellowship Church of Christ at 6 AM on Sunday. Sunday morning was slightly overcast in the early morning but the skies parted over the mountains about 6:45 AM and the sun shined proudly the rest of the day.

After the sunrise service, which consisted of camping chairs and blankets in the middle of a gravel opening at the Narajana Town Site, we went over to one of the church members homes that lives super close to the Town Site and had pancakes, omelettes to order, scrambled eggs, etc together. This is one of the blessings of going to a church that has approximately 44 members! It was so nice to have that fellowship time together.

Once we were all done with breakfast we went over to the Ronald McDonald House and made an Easter lunch for all the families that are staying there as their children are receiving medical treatments. All in all, it was a very rewarding day.

The rest was spent sitting on a couch next to Brian reading Harry Potter Book 7 together. We have to finish it before April 27th...our first day of going back to school. Brian and I are both beginning MBA programs through the Keller School of Management at DeVry University.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Freaking out a bit...

So I have enjoyed having a laid back Saturday. I opened up my Netflix queue to see what movie we are going to be getting next. I noticed our list is getting short so I thought about adding so tv shows that would be nice to catch up on. I immediately went to to see what tv shows I would like to watch...and I saw this. Just a little weird! It is not normal to see your name on the internet as a tv show.

On a lighter note, I finished Harry Potter Book 6 today. I am SOOOO ready for the movie to be out now. On to book 7 now. Brian and I are reading it together. I sweet! :)

Happy Saturday!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Little blessings...

...they come in all shapes in sizes. With the focus for both of us being balancing work and relationship (like so many of my peers too) we are trying to find the little blessings in life. Last night we were able to meet up with Patrick and Kate for some sushi at Ra and then dessert at Frost geleto!!YUMMY :)

This morning Brian HADDDD to finish Harry Potter Box 6. I left for church and told him to meet me when we finished the book. He had 8 pages left and COULD NOT put it down! :) He was about 7 minutes late. When I got to church, Nathan the preacher, as well as 4 other people asked if Brian had to work this morning. My response, "He has to finish a book he's been reading. He's on the last chapter." Everyone completely understood. :) Not Brian has started on Book 7 and I am rereading box 6 so I will be prepared before it comes to the theaters on July!! Brian has made so much progress from all of those days of torment when he did not understand the Goode Girls obsessing with all that is The Harry Potter books. He finally gets it girls!!!

On Saturday evening Brian was on the phone looking out the front window when he saw my precious baby bunny. I love all the bunnies and there has been a precious little baby bunny I look out for every day. It was just sitting out front of our house chilling. I took these two pictures...

(Look toward the bottom right corner if you can't find the bunny)
...and then walked out side to see if I could catch it and pet it. That didn't go to well. Brian and I looked under the different cactus and hiding places. I finally saw it again but by the time I got my camera out it ran away again. Sad. Alas... at least I don't have to feed the suckers or pick up their poop. So, I've got that going for me.

Brian noticed a bunch of yellow flowers moving and then realized all the ants were carrying them. We followed them from their house they are building over by were the bunny was and realized they were coming all the way past Brian's office window on the other side of the house. I don't know how far away that is but it's a pretty long haul.

They ants are carrying the little yellow flowers! It was cool to watch for a little while.

Now for this evening...Brian and I had been reading our Harry Potter books and decided to hit up the mall to find him some jeans that fit. We were successful...PTL! On our way home we decided to check out the American Home Furnishing Going out of Business auction to see if they had an good final deals on a nice dining room set. We checked in and actually got a ticket so we could bid if we found anything good. Here is Brian working his magic...

except we didn't buy anything. I think he is going to try to go back tomorrow and see if he can find a kitchen table!

Who knew an auction could be so fun!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Real Deal

So, instead of writing my own account of the week, which you pretty much already got in the last post, I figured I would direct you to the bride's post where there are a ton of pictures and a more accurate account of the weekend festivities. Read/scroll through the last three posts to get it all and see Lindsey in her gorgeous wedding dress! She actually walked barefoot down the aisle and then slipped on her boots for dinner and dancing!