Monday, October 30, 2006

No mother!!!

Not a bike ride like a road bike.... a bike ride like on his motorcycle. You crazy lady!! :)
I wished I was in that good of shape... but if you don't remember, my road bike was stolen at the apartment in Dallas and I have not bought another since then.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A lovely Sunday

So, the weather over the last few days has been quiet lovely. It has been a little warmer then I expected for the end of October but Sunday was fairly overcast and cooler.

On Saturday, Brian, Adam and I went to a Haloween party (when I get the pictures from Brian's camera I will add them) at one of Gavin's friends homes. It was pretty fun! I was rudolph the red nosed reindeer!!!! I definitely think I was the cutest person there!!!! :)

On Sunday, Brian and I went on a motorcycle ride to Vail, AZ (about 25 miles outside of Tucson). It is so open out there and it is neat to see the development that Brian and his team at work are working on.
We rode all the way to Colossal Cave Mountain Park and walked around on a couple of trails and checked out the 'colossal cave'. Neither of us brought our camera's so I don't have any pictures of this... but trust me... it very pretty!!!! We petted the animals at the petting zoo and looked at all the horse's that you can ride (for a fee, of course).

Then we made our way back and stopped at Barnes & Noble (mom, your membership has expired by the way...) :) Brian bought me the book, 'Body for Life for Women'. I thing it will be pretty interesting. I'll let you know what I learn.

Brian and I are going to visit a church on Sunday night called Second Mile.

That's all I've got for now.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

this past weekend

This past weekend was pretty eventful. Brian's mom (Sara), Uncle Tom (Sara's oldest brother), Aunt (Liz), cousin (Catherine) and husband (Michael) all came into town. Tom & Liz are Gavin's parents...

On Saturday evening, we went over to Gavin's to cook out and play cards. It was so much fun getting to spend time with everyone.

Sara left on Sunday evening and we picked up Adam (Brian's roommate) at the airport at the same time. He had gone to Vegas for the weekend to play with some friends.

Then it was back to work on Monday. Having the Come before Winter video finished has opened up some free time to get to all piles of things I have lying around my house. Last night I was able to catch up on all my ironing. On Friday and Saturday I completed all of my laundry that had been piling up for over two weeks. And this evening will be full of going through bills, mail, etc.

At least the apartment if fairly clean so come visit!!!!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

A quick update

I think I've been spending more time on mom's blog than my own. But alas...
A whole lot of not much has been going on for me. Work is work, Tucson is Tucson...
Brian's dad and step-mom were in town last weekend and now Brian's mom, aunt, uncle, cousin and husband (Gavin's parents, sister, and brother in law) are all in town.

I will work at Starbucks tomorrow morning and then spend the rest of the day probably hanging out with his family.

I think Lyndsey, Valerie and I are going to celebrate the coming of the New Year in none other than NYC itself!!! I'm pretty excited about that!

I miss you all so much! Please keep me posted on what is going on in your world. I am really looking forward to coming back home in mid-November. If you are going to be in town, please give me a call so we can play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

UW vs. UA

So, here are some pictures of us at the Univ. of Washington v. the Univ. of Arizona game and tailgate before. We went to our seats right before the game and were escorted out of our section within 4 minutes of arriving. Since Brian and Adam went to U-Dubb the 5 of us that attended were all in purple. When your seats are in the "Red Zone" (college student section/the cheapest tickets to purchase) it isn't smart to be wearing the other teams colors. Security saw us and took us to other seats on the other side of the stadium to make sure we wouldn't be injured in any way. U Dubb won by the way!!!! :)
Cat & Brian at the game
The seats were packed...
at the tail gate... cat, brian and dave (co-worker), and the little face in the back is one of Brian's bosses...
Dave (co-worker of Brian) and Bill (one of Brian's boss')
Brian trying to be too cool for a pix
the game... our new seats were very close!!

Mary's wedding

I am so thankful I was able to come home last weekend for Mary and Jerry's wedding! I had so much fun spending time with Mary and her family, as well as all of my childhood friends! It is such an honor to still have such dear friends that have known you, and their parents have known you as well, since you around 5 years old!!

Catherine and Mary at the rehearsal dinner... same Chinese restaurant we went to for Mary's 18th b-day...
The gorgeous cake...
Mary & Jerry cutting the cake...
First dance as husband and wife...
Bridesmaids: Susan, Alyssa, Tran, Diana and Catherine (I've known her the longest!!!) :)Me, Mary & Mom
Tara (and baby), Me, and Langston
Leslie J. (soon to be Farmer), Susan, Me, and Gef (Farmer)
Rachel Nelson (soon to be Price) and Me ... I'm the maid of honor in her wedding next month!!!
Patti Tipps, me and Mom
Susan Harding & Me
Tierni (Washam) Driesner & Katie (Mayor) Zell
Top: Leslie J., Rachel N., & Susan Harding
Bottom: Amy L., Me, Deanna S.


Don't be jealous or anything...

So, I am still not overly comfortable with life in Tucson, but when I look out my window and see this... it reminds me how glorious and creative our Lord is and allows me to remind myself that challenges and getting out of your comfort zone are sometimes a good thing...
This picture was taken right outside my kitchen window just a few days ago! :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

WOW.. almost a month!

Well, I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to respond. Life has been a little chaotic recently. Between two jobs, a new town (still feels that way at least), beginning an intensive bible study, Jerry & Mary's wedding in Dallas last weekend, and a Come before Winter video with over 16 hours worth of raw footage to sift through... so no excuses...

I haven't even been able to take the time and look at everyone else's blogs to stay updated on their lives.
Here is a quick update on mine:
Work is still fine and Brian and I are doing well. Through all of the stresses listed at the beginning of this page, we have had some tense moments, but I think that is normal when you want to see each other but one person is too busy for the other. I'm sorry Brian!

Mary's wedding was beautiful! She looked amazing and the mix of cultures combined in her ceremonies, that is right my friends... 2 ceremonies, was so neat to see. She and Jerry both are Chinese and both have a lot of family that still lives over seas. They had a traditional Chinese ceremony and then a wedding ceremony and reception that we are more accustomed to in the States.

It was so good to see all of my friends... watching the Office with Tim, Grey's Anatomy with Madeline and Rene, Chiptole with Brittany and then all of my high school friends at the wedding and most of my church friends on Sunday! It was a quick but wonderful 4 days. I ALSO GOT TO DRIVE DAD'S TRUCK!! Let me just tell you something my friends, there is something special about flying into the DFW airport, going to El Fenix for a fabulous bowl of Tortilla soup, and then heading home to set down your things hop in a F150 extended cab pick-up truck and drive towards downtown Dallas in rush hour traffic. I can't express the joy I was feeling to be sitting in traffic on a HIGHWAY... they haven't figured out those are yet. And though people may drive a little quickly on the highways and byways of Dallas, I would take that any day over an elderly person who should not be driving, going approximately 7 miles under the speed limit on a two lane road.... oh, the blessings of living in a retirement community.

I will be posting pictures later once I am at home and have my computer!