Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our weekend in Puerto Penasco, Mexico

This past Saturday and Sunday Shannon, Greg, Valerie, Brian and I went to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico. It is about a 4 hour drive from my house to the Sonoran Sun Resort.

We got there around 11 am on Saturday. Our room was not ready so we just changed into our bathing suits in the bathroom and went straight out to the beach!

That is Brian and Greg lounging...

When we finally got our room. Shannon, Valerie and I unloaded the car and went to our room. This is the view of our hotel from out beautiful!!

On Saturday night we met up with some other Tucson friends, Matt & Marci, for dinner at the Friendly Dolphin and then went to dance at some bar a little ways down the street.

We were all safe, had a blast and wore our sun screen. I was the only one who got red but it has now calmed down a bunch. It never hurt was just red.

I think that no matter how hard I try not to have a picture like this, Brian will always make this face when I am trying to have a cute moment captured on film.

Brian and I on the balcony

Brian and I right before we left for dinner

A cute one of Veeves and me!

Valerie, Me, Shannon!

This picture is not from Rocky Point...but a cute one of Valerie and me last Sunday!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'M ENGAGED...again :)

Brian called the jeweler after we met for lunch! He was able to squeeze us in right then. We fixed my ring in about 5 minutes and we are all back to normal...and as the jeweler put it, "engaged again"!!!

Thank you mister jeweler for getting that done so quickly!! I'm so happy! And he cleaned it so it is nice and sparkly again!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

They had to cut it off!

They amazing guys that saved my finger! :) Thank you so much!

**My hand was not caught in the garbage disposal though it may look that way. The firefighters wanted to try dish soap and water one last time before cutting it off.** Thank you Lyndz for pointing that out! I now understand why the phone call of panic was made! :)

The hole in the ring...that is all they needed to do!

It hurt so bad! Now it is just red and puffy...and still throbbing.

Something is wrong with my ring finger

On Saturday night Valerie, Amanda and I were (for some unknown reason) talking about wedding rings and how a lot of other countries wear their wedding bands on their right hand. I then go on the rest of my evening wearing my engagement ring on my right hand with no issues.
I fell asleep with my jewelry on.
I woke up around 4 AM, noticed and preceded to remove the jewelry.
My hands were swollen so I was having to work at getting my ring off. The wasn't coming off at all. I tried soap, lotion, Windex...nothing.

I decided to just wait it out because the bloating would go away at some point as it always has. I think I tried to hard in the middle of the night to get the ring off that my finger is now swollen and not coming down.
I soaked my hand in ice water to try to help. I worked at the ring in the shower. It has not started bothering me until now. It is continuing to swell and is now getting pretty puff and red. If nothing happens by this evening, Brian and I will be heading to the fire station to get it cut off. This will obviously be the worst case scenario.
The pictures really don't do it justice but it is the best I can get right now.

Roomies!! (Amanda, Veeves and me)

Me and Veeves right outside of the party room

Me, Brian and our friend Kristin and Megan's 30th birthday party at the Dubliner

Trantula pictures

This is the spider I was talking about earlier!

Friday, August 08, 2008


It's your 29th year on earth...and the first day of the 2008 Summer Olympics...I don't think your world could get any better!!

LOVE YOUR GUTS!!! Happy birthday!
<3 Cath

Monday, August 04, 2008


I apologize that it has taken me forever to get back to a computer. I have been having a lot of technical difficulties on top of just being stinkin' busy with life!

Amanda (my roommate) saw a tarantula in front of her car on Saturday night. It was still there yesterday afternoon being eaten by ants...but I had not seen one of those here until now.

I took some pictures but have not loaded them into my camera.

This morning Valerie and I played tennis. I ate breakfast and got ready for the day...she took a shower and went back to bed...anyone surprised about that one? :)

I will try to update a little more...but to be honest...until I finish the Come before Winter Canada/Bosnia video I should not be doing anything else.

Love your guts!

A shout out to are the reason I finally sat down to do this! :)