Friday, February 16, 2007

Some recent pictures...

Brian and I had a very enjoyable Valentine's Day. We went to The Melting Pot for dinner which was super yummy! He also bought me some beautiful flowers!

Brian's uncle/boss (Curt) took Brian and I, Brian's step-brother (Curt's nephew), Curt's wife and three kids, his mother and the parent-in-laws to a nice restaurant. Here a a couple of pictures of Brian and Curt at the bar before we got to the table.

That's all I got for now!
Peace out...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The excitement of my apartment complex...UPDATED per the mom

So, I got home from a long Tuesday at the radio station and then Starbucks. As I pulled up to my apartment complex I noticed someone standing at what could be my door waiting. I thought that maybe he might be waiting for a neighbor of mine but standing by my door... he was walking back to his truck when I was walking to my apartment. I came in, flicked on the lights, and started organizing things when I heard a knock on the door. It was the same man I had seen earlier. I cracked open the door and this is somewhat how the conversation went:
"Is Alejandro something here?"
"Does he live here?"
"No... I don't know who that is."
"I am a court marshall here to serve him papers. How long have you lived in this apartment complex?"
"Five months...why, what happened?"
"He's in trouble with the law... written some bad checks..."
"Oh. Well, I have received some mail for here since I moved in but I always just put return to sender on it."
"Okay, thank you."

And on that note, he left and I locked the door.
Man, life is exciting in Tucson!

and... for the mom:
Gavin, Brian's cousin who also lives in Tucson, was oh-so-wonderful as to just give me his old TV. It isn't anything fancy at all but it is a lot bigger then the 13" that I move back and forth daily from the living area where the couch is to the bedroom where the treadmill is! It is a very nice addition and it that much wonderful since it was free! I think it is about 25" wide so I can actually see the picture from any angle I set in the living room now!! YEAH!! :)