Monday, January 22, 2007

Colorado Springs and Snow in Tucson

This weekend was quite enjoyable! I was able to head to Colorado Springs this past Friday for one of my dear college girlfriend's wedding! Melanie Knox got married to an Air Force boy she met in CS... Matt Larson. It was a joy to finally meet him as well as be together with some of my most cherished friends to now live all over the US. The group that was just attending the wedding had a lot of time to play in the snow, enjoy the indoor hot tub that looks out to Pike's Peak, walk around downtown, chill at Starbucks... just have time to catch up. The whole bridal party headed back to the hotel late Friday night after they were done with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We all stayed up super late chatting it up in the lobby.
The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a lot of fun. The whole weekend was early mornings and late nights with all of us trying to spend as much time with each other as possible. What a joy to spend whatever time I can with these kids!!

Cat & Mel Larson!

Chez Dishman & Catherine Goode

Cody Dishman, Taylor Hemness, Daniel Carlson, Katie Hemness, Cat Goode, Mel McRay, Lindsey McCrary

Lindsey McCrary & Catherine

Cat, Mel M., Katie H., Lindsey M.

Lindsey M., Katie H., Shiloh Jones, Chez D., Cat, Mel M.

The gang at Starbucks Saturday morning!

Outside Shove Chapel (where the wedding was)

Pike's Peak, taken from out front of the hotel

Beautiful mountains in Colorado Springs

After a very eventful Sunday of trying to get back to Tucson, Brian picked me up at the airport and with the luck of all of my airport and airplane enjoyment... I ended up without my suitcase.
(It has since been delivered to my door step; thank you Frontier Airlines!!)

We went out to dinner after I got home and was trying to not cry (I was very tired and very frustrated). As we were driving down the road... it started to snow. (It doesn't snow in Tucson... it snows in the mountains we are surrounded by, but not the actually city...) And then it continued to get heavier and heavier. By the time we got to Texas Roadhouse, everything around us was white. I guess all of us that were waiting out the snow storm in Denver brought all of the snow with us. Needless to say, for someone who does not enjoy being cold, I was surrounded by cold and snow all weekend long.

Brian and Catherine in the snow in Tucson!!

My backyard in Tucson... all of the mountains surrounding us are so beautiful right now!

My car... I bet she's cold...brrrrrr

From my porch on Monday morning

What happened when I got back to Tucson???

Snowy catcus... I bet these guys are confused!!!

Pictures from outside of my apartment

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It feels like Sunday

So, I am tired... which I normally am after a week full of work and a weekend full of Starbucks, and a week full of work and a weekend full of Starbucks, and I think you get the picture...
Last Saturday a woman I work with at the radio station invited me to go walking with her and another woman in Sabino Canyon. Sabino Canyon is a place that I have been meaning to visit since I moved here... but it is hard to get around to those things by yourself. Either way, I went, it was beautiful and I would like to start going out there to excercise more often once it is a little warmer.
Here is one of the views from Sabino Canyon...

When I got home this afternoon I was greeted by a beautiful surprise.
Brian got into my apartment while I was at Starbucks this morning and left beautiful roses for me with a really sweet note. He is fabulous and so thoughtful to give these to me!

He is on his way over so we can go visit a new church... I am hoping that this is one that will be enjoyable and uplifting!!