Friday, January 30, 2009

More cardinal pictures...

She's totally working the camera for Brian!
I better watch out...

Flying feathers

Brian has become very excited about bird seed lately. He bought some cardinal feed that is hanging from a tree in front of his office window. He also has been sprinkling bird seed on the ground so all of the quail and dove eat it up...and occasional bunny too!

This morning he decided to sprinkle some right on the ledge of his window and see if a cardinal would land there...and alas...

I don't know exactly what kind of bird this is...but it looks like a cardinal to me.

The bird is less than a foot away from his camera in these photos. The only thing separating them is the window.

Next project: get a young chicken from the grocery store and hang it from the tree...maybe a hawk or two or five will come up close and personal for a visit!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My fabulous husband

When I woke up on Monday morning I could tell it was going to be 'one of those days'. I tried to be in the mind frame of "I am the only person that can change my attitude' and yet little things kept happening that were very frustrating. I got home around 8:30 last night for a long day at work. Brian had made me dinner and had bought we some beautiful purple tulips.

He had also gone to a bird store to buy some seed for the front yard. He has the best view from his office window and sees cardinal, quail, bunnies, hawk or humming birds on a near daily basis. He sprinkled the seed yesterday evening and this morning this is some of what we saw...

There are 11 quail in all but you can only see 9 in the picture. 2 were on the other side of the cactus. We only saw one bunny munching away this morning but there are normally 5-8 every morning in the backyard feasting.

Brian being the boy he is was wishing he had a pellet gun or that a hawk would swoop down and grab the bunny. God bless boys you know...I don't have to get it though! :)

PS: I am loving my job with Apollo College. The team is fabulous and it is nice to be working in a secular job but surrounded by some amazing Christians. What a blessing! Now, I am just having to wait patiently for my own space and my own phone line. Right now I am having to share with the faculty work room or other peoples office spaces once they leave for the day. It will all be settled at some point!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh my word I am my mother...

I just noticed something. I sat down to work on my new crossword puzzle book I just bought at Barnes and Noble while watching my Netflix movie that just came in, A Prairie Home Companion. Then it hit me...I am so my mother...or my Aunt JJ...take your pick.

And I thought you might enjoy this Mom/L/V. The introduction to the crossword puzzle book says this:

Take a step back--back in time to the 1960s. Thus, you don't need to know all of the useless trivia that clutter modern crosswords. There aren't any clues that ask about grunge rock, pitchers for the Florida Marlins, or who shot J.R. Instead, you'll be challenged by tough crosswords that require a good vocabulary and knowledge of classical information to solve.
These puzzles are not easy. To give your brain a good workout, you have to use it. And what better or more fun way is there to do that than to spend some time with through-provoking crosswords? So enjoy yourself, and while you're at it, you'll keep yourself sharp.

Could that not sound more like my mother saying that to me...holy moly!

We had such a pretty rainbow out front of our house just now. There were two on top of each other. Of course, the pictures don't do it justice but here you go anyway...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Honeymoon pictures!

Here are some pictures from the honeymoon! If you have facebook you have most likely already seen these. I am still waiting for Brian it share his camera with me so I can upload all of his pictures. We kept his camera with us most of the time so he has better pictures. This is all I have to share right now!

These are a couple of pictures from our balcony. We stayed at Nita Lake Lodge but never saw any lakes around. We later realized that the big blanket of smooth white snow outside our balcony was a frozen lake!

After the first day of snowboarding I thought it would be nice to go hang out in the hot tub for a little while. Of course it is below freezing outside so the hot tubs must be in doors...WRONG!...but after stripping down and getting into the water quickly it felt quite nice! The view was phenomenal! And it really was so relaxing!

These pictures were on our last day of snowboarding. We were on Whistler Mountain about to take the Peak 2 Peak gondola to Blackcomb. Right before this picture was taken we saw a helicopter flying around and then heard a very loud boom! The helicopter had shot something into the mountain next to us to create an avalanche. It was a pretty cool sight!

These are views from inside of the Peak 2 Peak gondola taking us over the Blackcomb. Brian got some better ones with all the snow covered trees blanketing the mountain side.

I am completely frozen in this picture...Brian was nice enough to share his neck warmer thing so I could cover my face!

More pictures from inside the gondola. We were equal to some of the clouds floating between the mountains. That is always a neat sight. Below you can see a bunch of the trees. They are massive though from far up above they look tiny!

Mountains and a lot of snow!

This was taken at Ric's Grille in Whistler Village. It was are last dinner before we left the next morning. The dinner was delicious! And I know you can tell Brian was having a blast...some days I wished he would just smile instead of always making the goofy faces. Oh well...I still love the man!

So hopefully I will get the pictures from Brian's camera within the next day or so!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Do you know who I belong to?

So brought just about everything I owned from the FB to Tucson over Thanksgiving. I finally went through all the boxes before Christmas and found a sack that had these stuffed animals in them. I don't believe they were you remember??

Also Lyndsey...I have a box full of old L2L & Kadesh shirts that were yours. Do you want them? If you don't I am going to put them in the donation pile. Just let me know!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Day #3

I woke up with the same nagging headache. The sky was clear though and I figured I should get up and get going since this was the last day we were going to be able to board. We went out to the slopes at 9 am and didn't get back to the room until 3:30 that afternoon. The gondolas are only open from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm so we pretty much put in a full days work.

We took two gondolas up to arrive at the brand new Peak 2 Peak gondola. It is an 11 minute gondola ride that takes you from the peak of Whistler mountain (what we had skied the last few days) to the peak of Blackcomb mountain. It was phenomenal riding high over all the snow-covered trees and ridges of the mountains. We got a bunch of pictures that we will share later...along with the rest of them!!

While we were riding the gondola up Whistler mountain heading to the Peak 2 Peak we saw a helicopter roaming around. At first I thought some one was hurt and they were looking for a place to land. We got off the gondola and were taking pictures when we heard a very loud BOOM and then saw an avalanche. Apparently this helicopter was out patrolling and looking for potential avalanche problems and shoots something into it to create the fall before it falls on people...I guess...either way it was very neat to see from a far!

I did so much better on the last day than any other. That made we feel pretty good about my time. I did continue to fall but not nearly as much!

Last night for dinner we went to Whistler Village and had a lovely steak dinner. Well actually Brian had the Filet Mignon and I had a delicious Coconut crusted chicken breast! Both meals were divine and a great send off for a great honeymoon!!

We are slowly packing up this morning and will be heading back to Seattle to spend the evening with our sweet friends Pete & Nina!!

As always, I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

No ER for you...

No one was been sick or broken in the ER...just wanted to take heed of some of the previous comments! :)

All has been going well. Snowboarding went a little better yesterday than Day #1. My entire body is sore though.

Last night we met up with about 15 of Brian's frat buddies that had come into Canada to wish in the new year. We all met at the Longhorn Saloon and "partied" the night away. I didn't really no anybody but Brian and I enjoyed ourselves and the company.

We left the saloon at 12:10 in the morning and had to wait until 1:40 am for a shuttle. This has definitely been the most frustrating situation of our entire trip...however we did finally make it back to a warm room with a fire going.

Today Brian went snowboarding and I lay in bed with the worst migraine I have ever had. I woke up not feeling well...and though last night in known as a "drink and be merry" night for most...all I had to drink was water and a sip of champagne at midnight. I rarely get headaches and even more rarely a migraine...but this knocked me out all day. I tried walking to starbucks just right down the street with a book to sit, read, and have a Tall Americano...but felt sick just walking down the street. Brian has had a blast snowboarding and going on the runs that I won't go on with him! :) He went on the brand new Peak to Peak gondola twice today. We plan on going on it tomorrow so I can get the experience of going form one mountain to the other (Whistler to Blackcomb).

That is the update for now. More snowboarding and enjoying yourselves tomorrow!!

Yesterday we saw some people with a shovel out in the open area from our balcony. They were moving the snow to make an ice skating rink! I wished we had some ice skating boots to go and fall on my rear some more...I'm just not getting enough of that trying to snowboard! :)