Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pancakes and CD's

So, the most exciting things that have happens so far today are:
*Valerie is going to burn a bunch of CD's for me that she has been able to listen to since working with Ignite... I'm really the most excited about all the Hillsong CD's... I love their music!
*And second, Brian came over early this morning before he had to go to work and we made pancakes and watched the news together!! Since I am leaving this evening for Fiji we wanted to make sure we got to see each other at some point before I get on the plane!

I am all packed and practically ready to go. However, I still have 4 hours until I need to leave to get to the airport! Isn't wait so exciting!

...And speaking of waiting, you've guest it my friends, I still haven't heard back from the radio station or any of the other jobs I have applied for. Praise the Lord from friends like Chez Dishman and Susan Harding who try to bring things back to perspective and help me relax and realize that I am not a complete loser... though these are the thoughts rummaging through my head...

I am just so thankful that I am going to be able to leave for a while and try to renew my own mind! I'm also so thankful that what I am doing is work and will take up a good chunk of my time once I return back to Tucson... so praise the Lord that I don't have a job so I can try to knock this video out of the way as quickly as possible!

If you know of anyone in Tucson looking to hire a great person with a wonderful attitude and a very hard worker... give them my information!!

Blessings to you and I will try to write more once in Fiji if I am able!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

One day and counting....

I will leave from Tucson, AZ tomorrow evening and begin a long journey to the Fiji Islands... not for a luxurious vacation as most would think... but to serve and show Jesus to women involved in missions all over the south pacific. I am working as a videographer for a non-profit called Come before Winter. We serve women actively involved with missions all over the world; hosting renewals approximately twice a year spend time encouraging them, renewing their mind and their tired spirits! It has been such a marvelous blessing for me being able to be involved in this mission for coming on three years!! I will be returning on July 2nd and do not know how accessible email is so the blogging world of Catherine Goode may slow down for a few short weeks...

I still have not heard anything back from any of the jobs... slightly frustrating but am so thankful that I am leaving tomorrow and will have two weeks to renew my own mind and my own spirit.

I have been spending my extra time searching for jobs, reading my new book and lounging by the pool! It hasn't been too bad but I am definitely ready to be working full time!! I hope that something opens up soon after I return if I haven't anything by flight time tomorrow evening!!

I have attached a bunch of pictures that I have taken around Brian's uncle's house over the last couple of days! I hope you enjoy them!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

To keep Veeves happy...

So, today has been another slightly frustrating day. I am so thankful that I will be leaving on Thursday for Fiji. I think I need this renewal with Come before Winter just as much (if not more) than the women that will be attending. If you are not familiar with Come before Winter, check out their website at This is the women's ministry that I work with shooting and editing their videos!

I still have not heard back from any job prospects as of yet. I know that patience is a virtue but man am I ready for an answer NOW!!! The radio station interview went well and I feel like I did the best job I possibly could. They told me they would contact me early this next week... which means maybe tomorrow or even Thursday I guess. My interview at Ann Taylor also went very well and I am hoping to hear back from them by tomorrow. I put in for management positions with Bebe and Sunset Canyon but have not heard back from either of them yet.

The temp agency gave me some work for today... just a few hours answering phones at a law office. I was happy to get out for a little while and earn some money... though it is obviously not as much as I would like to be making.

I have finally finished all of my thank you cards for the wonderful party we had right before Brian and I left for Tucson. I am so thankful for my friends and family... and so glad Lyndsey was able to make it from NYC!!!

It is still stinkin' hot just in case any one was wondering. I burn my hand every time I get into my car and try to put my seat belt on. I don't leave anything in my car anymore... not because I am afraid it will get broken into and stolen, but because it will most likely melt if left for more that :30 seconds. :)

Brian is working hard at work and I think I may go to his uncles house and lay by the cool with a nice tall glass of water and my new book I just bought; 'And the Shofar Blew' by Francine Rivers. I have enjoyed all of her books I have read thus far and am sure I will enjoy this one as well!

That is all I can think about keeping you updated for now.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday... it's still hot!!!

It is still very hot here... "but it's okay because you're not sweating, right!?" I have never wanted to lecture so many people in my life... and that is saying a lot considering (as my siblings and parents can attest to) I am probably one of the best lecturers I know... I don't know if I have room to brag, but...

Brian and I attended Palo Verde c of c today. It was good... church is just so different than growing up attending church in Dallas or Abilene. Brian still isn't used to acapella... I'm not used to having instruments... this is going to be an exciting search for a new church home for both of us together.

We are about to go over to his uncle's house who has a pool! It will be so nice to lounge around for a while! I'll keep you posted when I hear back from the jobs!!


Saturday, June 17, 2006

What a lovely Saturday...

So, today hasn't been too bad. Brian and I went to Golds Gym and worked out today... a lovely way to start off a Saturday... seriously! I did cardio and he did weights... Then we went driving around, I found Sam's Club and got some cheap gas $2.71!
Other than that it has been a day of relaxing, watching the USA tie to Italy after two red cars and only playing with 9 players on the field instead of the normal 11... good game, not great, but good.

Yesterday however, is definitely something more to talk about! I started off my day having to be at my first day of work EVER in Tucson (through a temp agency... dad is so proud of his college graduated girls and their temp agencies!!!) I got there a few minutes early and was greeted in the parking lot by a very small police woman confronting a tall homeless man who had set up shop in front of the office building causing a disturbance. I was walking around looking for the suite number I was suppose to report to by 7:30am when a man ushered me quickly into the door of his office to get out of the way. I did see the small police woman pull out her taser gun while the larger man cop that arrived a moment after I did tried to hand cuff the man. There was a high-pitched threat and then the screams of a homeless man being tasered for resisting arrest.

This is at the point where the man ushers me in, which actually turned out to be the suite I was looking for, then he turned to the admin at the front desk and said call everyone and tell them to lock their front doors... he got loose and is on the run!!

Man... what a wonderful day in Tucson!! And my intro to the work force!! :) The man was caught 15 minutes later, I was given a desk and a computer, and spent the next 4 1/2 hours entering data... because if there is one thing that our father taught us well from a young age, that was typing skills! We are masters... typing 80+ words a minute is a handy skill... I just wished I enjoyed sitting in front of a computer for hours on end and maybe I could make a career out of it... alas...

I have attached some pictures of the drive Brian and I made around town today. They are just the normal streets we are surrounded by here in Tucson... I am sure I will send pretty pictures after I travel somewhere prettier than here!

OH... the job interview. I did have the job interview at the Family Life Radio station on Friday at 2pm. I feel that it went well, or at least as well as possible. We laughed, we talked technical, we talked spiritual and we talked about why in the world I would move to Tucson! They said they would call me some time early next week before I left on my CbW trip. So, I will keep you updated... I also have an interview with Ann Taylor at 11am on Monday and am in phone chats with a manager at a boutique called Sunset Canyon... they are looking for a management trainee which seems like a good deal if the radio gig falls through... again, keep you updated as i know...

Mom, I hope this was enough information for you since you were so excited about coming home to read someone's blog since we are all loser children and can not always write multiple entry's a day... we try mom, we really do try!!!

Enjoy the pix

The mountains surround our every turn. There is not a direction you can drive where you are not facing a mountain front! It really is pretty neat!

Brian always enjoys taking pix of me when I am nasty and just getting down working out! So.... here you go!

Notice the palm trees in the intersection... and the lack of smog in the air!!

Intersection right by Brian's house... see the mountain in the background!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

GO MAVS!!!!!!

I still can't figure out how to reformat my page and add pictures to it... oh well!
Well, yesterday was boring until the afternoon. I left the house around 1:30pm and refused to go back to the house until after I meet Brian and another couple that just moved here from College Station (I have mutual friends with them that connected us!)for dinner.

During my afternoon of driving, I did stumble upon a temp agency... so I at least have that going for me now. I know my parents are so proud of their two oldest daughters with college degrees depending on Temp Agencies for paychecks! I also applied for management positions for a couple of stores at a high-end shopping center including Ann Taylor, Williams Sonoma, Bebe, and Sunset Canyon. I am just trying to keep my options open and feel productive until I have my interview tomorrow (Friday) at 2pm.

Last night, was my first night of tears... Brian was being as wonderful as possible and I just couldn't stop crying. I know I made the right decision to move because the reason why I moved was to be in a relationship with Brian... and that is wonderful! I just miss home, miss living with my parents (who would ever think they would hear that coming from Catherine's --awful middle child syndrome-- mouth), and miss my friends. I also didn't realize how much I called Valerie until she didn't have a cell phone any more and I keep trying to call her.

All in all, I'm trying, but it's hard and I don't like it! But I will...
In other news, I have updated my website and would like for you to go look at it and critique. I am lacking in creativity!
Thank you! <3


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

LYLAFB = Love you loads and forever, bye!!
Which means... MOM WINS!!!!!!
Duhh veeves, I mean, you haven't been out of the country that long to forget this! My word... :)

Friends, let me tell you... I would love to give you some pictures and I would love to send you to the links of my wonderful family's (immediate and extended) blogs... however, I am still a newbie at this blog stuff so I haven't figured it out yet.
Just give me some time... and I will provide! :)

Life as of Wednesday... is still pretty stinkin' boring. I made Brian go to dinner with me last night (actually out in public) since I was so absurdly bored and was about to go crazy. We watched the mavs game... everyone was cheering for the other team... I didn't know what to do with myself. I have also had two different people say to me, "Oh no... I bet you're a Cowboys fan too?!" I mean really, why even ask... I was born and raised in the FB, I am loyal and I am a Texan! I do hate the fact that TO is now a Cowboy but it doesn't mean I ever have to claim him... However, I think all of these Arizonians... Arizoniates... whatever... are just jealous because the Mavs oh so beautifully beat the Suns!!

God bless Texas, God bless you and God bless my job search!!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Going to bed early and waking up early has definitely been nice... though I should be filling my day being ambitous and looking for job prospects it is definitely difficult when you interview you were suppose to have first thing monday morning has already been postponed twice... now, it's 2pm on Friday.

Brian has been allowing me to be his work out partner for the last two evenings! I have really enjoyed getting to spend time with him, work out, watch basketball, cook dinner... you know, all the normal things REAL couples get to do!!!! :)

Brian and I researched and brainstormed a few different places I could look into today. I did go pick up applications at Williams Sonoma and Ann Taylor yesterday... two places I think I would enjoy working. Today, will be more detailed research on the computer and maybe some face to face interaction later today!

Other than that... it's suppose to be like 109 today, then 108 tomorrow, then as the weather man put it this morning on the local Tucson news, "A cool down the rest of the week ranging from 100 to 103" WHAT?!?!!??!!?? A COOL DOWN... YOU'VE GOT TO FRIGGIN BE KIDDIN ME!!!!! "But it's a different kind of heat," people like to remind me. "No humidity!" HA... I laugh in your face!


Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh man... I just wrote a fairly long blog and it just deleted as I tried to publish... don't you love that.
The moral of the story was that Tucson is good and I am trying to appreciate the beauty that it does have though it is hard to smile all the time when it is just stinkin' hot!

I was suppose to have a job interview this morning but it was canceled as I was making the 20 minute drive to attend. We have rescheduled for Wendesday at 10 am... so if you could, please say a little prayer for me for peace, patience, wisdom and the right doors to open up at the right time. I just don't want to sit around doing 'nothing' as long as I have to.

I got to talk to Veeves for a little while today and that was great to get all the updates from her!!

I am looking forward to church on Wednesday and Sunday so I can visit and maybe start making some new friends... don't get me wrong Brian, you are definitely a keeper, but I really want some girlfriends! :)

Blessings to you all!
So, I am finally taking after the rest of the fam... and actually writing on my blog. For months now, I have just used it to read and post comments on everyone else's sites. So, here it is... I hope you enjoy!