Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving in Vegas

Brian and I headed over to Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday, November 22 to spend Thanksgiving with Brian's mom, Sara.

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful! We had turkey breast, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, yams, rolls, pecan pie... the whole nine yards!
It was so yummy!

We went down to the strip and met up with Philip and Trina.
And then we met Lyndsey in New York... JK... but we did go by New York New York on the Vegas strip! :)Phil & Trina winning the big bucks!
Philip & Trina in front of the MGM Lion
Catherine & Brian in front of a big lighted Christmas tree!
Sara, Brian & I went to Mount Charleston on Saturday afternoon and walked around! It was about 20 degrees cooler and beautiful. We went to eat at a little diner at the top of the mountain and enjoyed beautiful scenery.

(Brian got a phone call from his best friend, Patrick, from Iraq!)

We left Las Vegas early Sunday morning on got on the road for a long six hour trip back!
Happy Thanksgiving!! I can't wait to be back in Texas in less than a month!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Nathan & Rachel Price are married

So, I have been in Dallas since Wednesday, November 15 and had such a wonderful time. I was able to get to spend time with wonderful church friends, high school friends, one college friend, my parents' friends and my parents!!! I wasn't able to spend near enough time with everyone I wanted to see (I didn't even have time to call everyone I wanted to just to say "Hi!" and "I'm in town!" So, I am sorry if I missed you...

However, I spent from Wednesday night through Saturday morning with 8 bridemaids trying to get our precious friend Rachel Nelson married off!!
And that we did!!! The wedding was so much fun and the reception was that much better!! Rachel definitely knows how to throw a party... and keep the after-party very much alive until early the following morning!! :)

Here are a couple of pictures I took though my camera battery died early on and I was not able to get near the amount that I wanted to take.

Here is Nathan & Rachel Price with one of the beautiful rings Nathan bought her... that girl gets so spoiled by him... :)
This is Rachel on the wedding night just minutes before she walked down the aisle! She looked amazing; the train on her dress was 12 feet long and I believe the veil was 15 feet long...

I am making my toast to Rachel and Nathan... Bailey Tipps is smiling to the side after just making his hilarious toast to them! Tierni (Washam) Driesner and Mary (Kha) Ho are behind me... all friends we have shared since we were 5 years old!This is the part where the maid of honor and the Best Man get introduced... Josh Wood & Catherine Goode

Here is Deanna Schafer and I at the wedding... a wonderful friend since we were little...
TC Willis & I... a wonderful friend since high school!
Frances Moffett made this fabulous cake to share with everyone at the cookout the day after Rachel & Nathan's wedding! YummY!!!!
Catherine Goode, the groom, Nathan Price, the bride, Rachel (Nelson) Price, and Will Binford, one of the bestest and most loyal friends anyone could ask for... Rachel, Will and I have known each other since Kindergarden and Nathan came into the picture during 7th grade!
Me with the cake!!!

Hope you enjoy...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's November?

It is shocking to me that it is approaching mid-November and still 80-something degrees outside. The evenings cool off but the day is still warm and comfortable in shorts and t-shirts. So, I can't really complain.

So, my mom has a job!! I think all of her children are so proud of her commitments to volunteering for various activities which have opened the doors for her to become a volunteer supervisor for the Salvation Army's Angel Tree at Valley View Mall! Way to go girl!!

And Lyndsey, congrats on the job!! I'm so excited for you and the show! I hope it keeps you busy and opens up lots of new doors for you!
(Here are the shoes I was talking to you about! Aren't they cute!!!)

Veeves, I'm mad at you for not coming home this next weekend... it's not like you haven't seen me since June...

Dad! I'm glad you are my dad!! I can't wait to see you next week!

Phil (who doesn't read this), I'm glad you're my brother! I <3 FISH!

Monday, November 06, 2006

I think I have a friend!

I think I have a new friend! There is a couple about Brian and my age that moved from Austin to Tucson the same month I moved from Dallas. We went to dinner at Old Chicago last night. It was nice to go on a double date with another couple. They are named Jeff & Trisa! Trisa and I have walked together a couple of times and we are going to go jog tomorrow morning.

So, I finally got the pictures off of Brian's computer that I have been asking for a while! So here are some updates!

First, here are two pictures of my 25th birthday dinner. Brian took me to a fancy restaurant in Tucson that seems like you are out in the middle of no where. The food and service was delicious and the view was amazing.

Then off to Vegas... this first picture is with Brian's college friends Pete & Nina. We met up with them in Vegas the weekend before they got married since Brian and I would not be able to make it to Seattle for the wedding.
Sydne and her friend were also in town so Sara (Brian's mom), Sydne, her friend from high school in Oregon, Brian and myself went to some nice restaurants and had a lot of fun playing!!!
Brian is always so mature in our pictures!! :)And Sara and I always behave ourselves!! :)

And then it was Halloween!!! Brian, Adam (Brian's roommate) and I went to a Halloween party the Saturday before Halloween. I wanted to dress up but not be trashy, I wanted fun make up but didn't want to look ucky.... I don't so much like Halloween but I love Christmas so I decided to dress up as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!!
So here it is....
Brian and Adam were professional soccer players...
Here's a cute one of Adam and I...
grrr... I'm scary....
And a really cute one of Brian and I!!!!
And then there was Gavin... This is Brian's cousin! Doesn't he look fabulous???
So, this was my Halloween holiday fun!!
I'll keep you posted! :)