Monday, November 02, 2009

A great week has come and gone

What a sweet time this past week has been. I was a little worried about keeping myself entertained since Brian was still in Europe with Sydne but it all worked itself out. At the beginning of the week, I stayed pretty busy trying to get school work out of the way, cleaning the house and packing for Las Vegas. On Wednesday is when all of the excitement began. My teammates, Mary Melich, Michelle Stribling and I boarded a plane for Vegas. The flight was very bumpy due to windy skies but we all arrived safely. All of the teams connected at the Apollo College Las Vegas campus to begin our conference. That evening I got a text msg from Chez letting me know that she was wanting to take advantage of the 72 hr sale that SW Airlines was putting on and plan a trip out to Tucson. Since I did not have email I just told her to book any weekend in January and that would work just fine. During this same chunk of time, Chez and Elizabeth connected with each other, Chez told Liz where she was going and Liz booked a ticket too!!!!

Thursday night was also our awards ceremony. Michelle won Team Play of the Year, Mary won Presenter with the most Success, I won Newcomer of the Year and we all won Campus of the Year!!!!!!! All of our hard work over the past year has definitely paid off!

After the conference ended on Friday I was picked up but my cousin Caren and 2nd cousin Bridget. We spent the rest of Friday bonding with family, walking around Caesars Palace, eating a delicious meal together and watching some old home movies from 16+ yrs ago. It was a sweet evening of just getting to catch up.

On Saturday morning we tagged along with Bridget to a Halloween 5K that she had planned to run. Bridget ran with her sisters, Christine and Jaime and Caren & I kept each other company.

After the 5K we went back to the house, had a yummy homemade breakfast, drank lots of coffee and then headed out to a shooting range in Boulder City. Jay brought along all of his guns and let Bridget and I have a go at all of them. It was so invigorating!! :)

Adam came and picked me up that afternoon, took me to meet his girlfriend (I approve), went to REI to buy Brian another pair of Reefs since his cratered a few weeks ago and then dropped me off at the airport.

Brian returned home last night. There was seem issues with the luggage carrier so we left Phoenix for home more than an hour after we should have. We safely made it home about 10:30 pm. I am so thankful he is home!!!


Vicki said...

Welcome home to both of you! Love the photos and the synopsis of your very interesting week. Congrats, too, to your award winning team!

Valerie said...

First, glad you kept yourself entertained. Second, so proud of you! Third, can't believe you hung out with the cousins! I haven't seen the LV crew in YEARS. Fourth, you look good with a gun!

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wej said...

interesting!!! =)

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